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There are four types for this section, automated optical inspection, solder paste inspection, PCB X-ray and X-ray counter. Every inspection position needed in the assembly line matched with the wide range of product selections, total solution of inspection machines are provided here.

With high-end and high-precision inspection system, guarantee the quality detection of each PCB board with quick and smooth working process.

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PCB Inspection All-in-One Solution

    1. Automated Optical Inspection – AOI Machine

    The automated optical inspection (AOI) ElectronicsTalk introduced has two types: in-line and off-line. The off-line AOI uses 5 million pix digital high-speed industrial camera and multiple light sources optional, ensure the quality of image shooting and high resolution. Besides, the minimum inspection chip can be 0201mm with customized PCB dimension. Using convenient offline programming software, ensure PCB picture taken in real-time and stored efficiently.


    2. Solder Paste Inspection – SPI Machine

    The solder paste inspection (SPI) is a 3D ultra-high precision type of inspection machine. The accuracy in X&Y axis is less than 10 micron and equal to 0.37 micron in y axis. Owning professional GPU image processing, inspection speed is 0.35 second/FOV and the mark detection time is 1.3 second per piece, which massively improve the production capacity. Also, using the latest RGB and D-lighting technology, ensure the quality of image shooting. Equipped with dynamic and static warpage compensation system, maximally reduce the PCB warpage.


    3. PCB X-ray

    Thanks to the imported high-quality of hardware from Japan and Korea, the PCB X-ray owns a first-class inspection performance. First, the X-ray source is imported from the best company in the world, owning 5 micron of Focal spot size with a life time of 10000 hours. Second, equipped with the latest model of detector, with a high resolution of 50 micron, fast readout, no image lag, which is capable to product a clear x-ray image. Additionally, automatic calculation function of software, and speed adjustment with 5 axis linkage system, provide a image central support while tilting.


    4. X-ray Counter

    The X-ray counter is used for counting the amount of components by X-ray penetration method. The x-ray tube used is closed type with a focal spot size of 30 micron and long serving lift, maintenance-free. Also equipped with high resolution of flat panel detector, pixel size of 139 micron and effective area of 427x427mm. What’s more, an average reel counting speed of 10 seconds per tray in a 99.99% repeat accuracy. It owns AI deep learning algorithm, a fully automatic and intelligent identify components and apply algorithm. Lastly, with cloud database used, all of the x-ray counter can interconnected to the unique cloud database, easy for daily data upgrading and machine operation.


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    We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.

    Contact Your PCBA Experts By One Click

    We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.