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ET-X7 X-ray Component Counters

Looking for a high-end X-ray counter for counting PCB chip reels? Look no further than the ET-X7 x-ray SMD component counter!

This advanced product boasts lightning-fast processing speeds, with a minimum counting time of just 9 seconds. Plus, its large PCB reel size range can handle reels up to 17 inches in size.

The ET-X7 X-Ray Parts Counter uses cutting-edge core technology and has an advanced high-resolution image system.

The ET-X7 X-Ray Parts Counter has a modern image system with high resolution, using the latest core technology.

ts intelligent algorithm method ensures an aver agenting a wide range of components across different reels.

This advanced system uses a smart algorithm to achieve an impressive repeat accuracy of 99.99%. With its remarkable precision various reels both practical and time-saving.

We are pleased to offer customization options to cater to your specific requirements. When you contact us, kindly provide details of your needs, and we will take your preferences into account.

The Different Types of PCB X-ray Solutions

X-ray Counter

Microfocus X-Ray Parts Counter

Features of ET-X7 X-Ray ray component counter

  • Enjoy easy and efficient X-ray imaging with our closed-type X-ray tube from Japan. It has a long lifespan and requires no maintenance.

  • Experience superior imaging with the 17-inch Super Definition Digital Flat Panel Detector (FPD) that eliminates the need for scanning detectors.

  • Boost your productivity with our ultrafast counting technology. With just 9 seconds needed for a single 7-inch (180mm) reel, and only 14 seconds for four 7-inch reels or one 15-inch (380mm) reel, you can get more done in less time.

  • Counting reels up to 17 inches (430mm) in diameter is made easy with our technology, compatible with various packaging solutions such as moisture barrier bags and JEDEC trays.

  • Our advanced artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm boasts independent intellectual property rights, enabling powerful data accumulation in the cloud database and easy sharing across all machines.

  • No need to enter the reel data in the factory in advance, users can use it directly.

  • By using our modern parts counter, you can significantly enhance both efficiency and accuracy while reducing manpower requirements. Moreover, it offers the added benefit of reducing material handling times during warehouse operations.

  • Improve your material warehouse management with our digital software solutions that seamlessly integrate with MES, ERP, and other systems. Keep your software up-to-date with lifetime algorithm updates for sustained efficiency.

Xray Reel counter machine infographic

Specifications of Microfocus SMD Component ET-X7

X-ray Source
TypeClosed, microfocus
Max. Tube Voltage80kV
Max. Tube Current700 Microampere
Focal Spot Size30 microns
Flat Panel Detector
TypeSuper definition digital FPD
Effective Area427mm*427mm
Pixel Size139 microns
Reel/Tray Counting
Max. Size17¡± (430mm)
Max. Thickness85mm
Min. Parts Size1005
AccuracyGreater than 99.95%
Power SupplyAC110-220V 50/60HZ
Max Power1500W
Industrial PCI3-7100 CPU, 8G RAM, 240GB SSD
Displayer24” HDMI LCD
Other Functions
Code ScanningBarcode and QR code.
Label PrintingPrint material code and quantity automatically after counting.
Management System ConnectionMES, ERP, etc.
Radiation LeakageNo leakage, international standard: less than 1 micro-sievert/hour
Back Door Safety InterlockOnce users open the back door, X-ray tube will power off immediately. When the back door is open, users can¡¯t turn on the X-ray.
Tray Collision ProtectionThere are steel plates protect the tray from collision when it comes out.
Anti-pinch Safety Light CurtainOnce the hand enters the movement range of the tray,
the safety light curtain will be triggered, the tray will stop immediately,
and the software will pop up a prompt at the same time. Users can continue only the hand leaves and click confirm on the prompt.
Emergency StopIn front of the operation position, press to power off.

Speed and Accuracy of ET-X7 X-Ray Reel Counter

Till now, the counting time and accuracy of various sizes of reels are as below. It will be faster and more accurate as our algorithm updates.

Reel size Parts size Quantity Repeat Accuracy Speed
7” (180mm) 01005 10000 99.95% 7-8s
7” (180mm) 0201 10000 99.98% 7-8s
7” (180mm) 0402 10000 99.99% 7-8s
7” (180mm) 0603 5000 99.99% 7-8s
10” (254mm) 1206 5000 99.99% 7-8s
15” (380mm) 1206 10000 99.99% 7-8s

Artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm of SMD x-ray reel counter

Our counting software uses a powerful artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm. We don’t have to connect parts to the algorithm. We use AI to automatically identify unique components. The reels algorithm can learn the data of counted components.

  • Aspect ratio
  • The angle of each corner of the component;
  • The slope between components from inside to outside;
  • Deformation of component images from the inside to the outside, etc.

As the number of components counted increases, the results become more and more accurate. When we need to count similar components and larger trays, we can easily handle it.

x-ray counting machine artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm
x-ray counter artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm

Cloud Database System of ET-X7 X-ray Counter

Elevate your X-ray reel counting experience with our cutting-edge product. A cloud database will enrich our gym seamlessly. This integration allows for easy uploading of equipment data and images to the cloud.

Stay up-to-date with our automatic download feature, which ensures that the latest database is always available for your convenience.

Our engineers constantly improve the algorithm using data and images from each device. We regularly update the database to give customers the best accuracy and performance.

pcb inspection x-ray reel counter machine cloud database
pcb inspection x-ray reel counter machine cloud database

In the near future, the accuracy of counting will be closer to 100%, and the
variety of component types will be enriched. When a machine counts a
new kind of component, if the data of this kind of component has been
stored in our database, the software can directly call the data, which brings
users higher efficiency, coverage and accuracy.

Types of X-ray reel counters

There are several different categories and types of X-ray reel counters:

  • Manual X-ray reel counters – Require operators to manually load/unload reels for counting but use automated X-ray imaging to count components. Suitable for lower volume counting.
  • Automatic X-ray reel counters – Fully automated systems that handle loading, counting and unloading of reels with no operator intervention. Ideal for high volume production.
  • High-speed X-ray reel counters – Optimized for very rapid counting, some systems can count 10,000+ components per minute. Designed for high volume manufacturing.
  • Multi-function X-ray reel counters – Advanced counters that combine part counting with additional automated sorting, inspecting, taping and other secondary capabilities.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Use an ET-X7 X-ray Component Counter

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Follow these steps to effectively use an ET-X7 X-ray component counter:

Preparing for the Component Counting Process

Before using the ET-X7 X-ray reel counter, ensure you have the necessary equipment and a clean working environment. Gather the components you wish to count and any supporting documentation.

Setting Up the ET-X7 X-ray Component Counter

Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the ET-X7 X-ray component counter correctly. Ensure that the counter is connected to a stable power source and any required peripherals.

Loading the Components

Open the X-ray component counter and carefully load the components onto the scanning platform. Ensure that the components are positioned correctly and do not overlap.

Running the Component Count

Activate the ET-X7 X-ray component counter and start the counting process according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the counter to complete the scan.

Analyzing the Results

Once the scanning process is complete, review the results displayed on the ET-X7 X-ray counter’s interface. Check the accuracy of the count and any additional information provided by the system.

Best Practices for Using an ET-X7 X-ray Component Counter

To optimize your experience with an X-ray component counter, consider the following best practices:

  • Regularly calibrate the machine to maintain accuracy.
  • Clean the scanning platform and other components to ensure clear imaging.
  • Store components properly to avoid contamination or damage.
  • Follow safety precautions to protect yourself and others.

Safety Precautions when Using an ET-X7 X-ray Reel Counter

While X-ray component counters are generally safe to use, it is essential to take appropriate safety precautions:

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and safety glasses.
  • Follow all guidelines provided by the manufacturer for safe operation.
  • Minimize exposure to X-rays by limiting the time spent in close proximity to the machine.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter any problems when using an X-ray component counter, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

Inaccurate Component Count

Ensure that the components are correctly loaded and positioned. Verify that the X-ray component counter is calibrated and functioning correctly.

Difficulty Loading Components

Check if the components are suitable for scanning with the X-ray component counter. Ensure that they are clean and undamaged.

Malfunctioning ET-X7 X-ray Component Counter

If the counter is not functioning correctly, consult the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide or contact their support for assistance.

Benefits of using an X-ray reel counter

There are many important benefits that X-ray reel counters provide:

  • Accuracy and precision – By automatically counting parts instead of manually counting, human error is eliminated. X-ray imaging allows every component to be counted precisely.
  • Speed and efficiency – X-ray counters can rapidly count thousands of parts in minutes, far faster than humanly possible. This improves workflow and productivity.
  • Reduced human error – Manual counting of tiny electronic components will inevitably involve mistakes. Automated counters remove this potential for human error.
  • Improved inventory management – Knowing exactly how many components are in each reel enables much better inventory management. Stock levels can be precisely tracked.
  • Increased productivity – With enhanced speed, accuracy, and efficiency, X-ray reel counters significantly improve productivity for facilities dealing with large volumes of electronic components.

The different factors to consider when choosing an X-ray component counter machine

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an X-ray PCB inspection machine:

  • Component size and shape – The machine needs to be able to accurately image and count the specific components you need to tally. Different optic configurations suit different component geometries.
  • Required throughput speed – Evaluate your production volumes and choose a machine with an appropriately high parts per hour counting rate to meet your needs. This prevents bottlenecks.
  • Accuracy rating – Some applications demand very high precision down to 50 PPM variance. Know what level of accuracy your processes require.
  • Ease of use – Intuitive interfaces, guided setup, status indicators, and troubleshooting features improve usability.
  • Data handling capabilities – The software ecosystem impacts utility for production monitoring, inventory management, analytics, and enterprise integration.
  • Machine footprint – Carefully measure the space allocated and ensure the dimensions and height of the counter will fit.
  • Power requirements – X-ray generators require specialized high-voltage power. Verify adequate supply.
  • Clean room compatibility – If needed, choose a model with external service access points to avoid contaminating the environment.
  • Budget constraints – Weigh the cost against speed, accuracy, and longevity needs to maximize value.
  • Local service and support – The availability of reliable technicians for maintenance and repairs is crucial for uptime.

Carefully evaluating each of these key factors will help identify the best X-ray counting solution for your manufacturing environment and requirements. The right match results in rapid ROI on your automation investment.

The latest trends in X-ray counter machine

Here are some of the latest trends emerging in X-ray counter machine technology:

  • Higher speed counting – New X-ray optics and enhanced software algorithms allow counters to operate at over 15,000 components per hour, a major increase in throughput.
  • Advanced 3D imaging – Improved X-ray imaging resolution in multiple dimensions enables more accurate visualization and counting of complex or layered components.
  • Artificial intelligence integration – AI is being incorporated into counter software for automated optimization of image processing parameters and self-adjusting based on component types.
  • Miniaturization – Smaller and more compact X-ray emitters facilitate counters with reduced footprint and easier integration into production lines.
  • Battery-powered portability – Cordless battery operation coupled with a compact footprint allows truly portable X-ray counters that can be moved anywhere.
  • Expanded connectivity – Standard ethernet and wireless interfaces permit remote access to counting data, monitoring, and integrating with enterprise systems.
  • Enhanced software analytics – More sophisticated data analysis tools provide detailed production statistics, trends, and insights for maximizing efficiency.
  • Automated tube/reel handling – Robotic mechanisms automate the loading and unloading of components, reducing labor and increasing consistency.
  • IoT enabled – Connected counters that leverage IoT allow proactive health monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote troubleshooting.

These innovations aim to make X-ray counters faster, smarter, and more flexible – key trends that offer significant benefits for manufacturers of electronic components.


X-ray reel counters are vital productivity-enhancing tools for manufacturers and suppliers of small electronic components. They enable accurate, high-speed counting that is critical for efficiency and inventory management.

With a wide range of X-ray reel counter types available, businesses can choose automated solutions tailored to their specific component counting needs and volumes. By implementing the right X-ray counter, enterprises can reduce errors, optimize processes, and boost their bottom line.


Can an X-ray component counter measure the dimensions of the components?2023-07-19T09:33:48+00:00

While X-ray component counters primarily focus on counting components, some advanced models may offer additional features to measure component dimensions.

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