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X-ray Counter | CT-500

Basic Description

The CT-500 is a high-end x-ray counter in the application of PCB chip reels. The whole processing speed is super fast, with a minimum counting speed of 9 seconds. And it has a large PCB reel size range, maximum size can be 17 inches per reel.

Meanwhile, it has a high-resolution image system for using the latest core parts technologies in the world. The intelligent algorithm method, withthe average repeat accuracy reaches 99.99%, it can cover a wide range of components in different reels which is very practical and time-saving.

Besides, with the team keeps updating of artificial intelligent algorithm system, the machine can reach a higher degree of automation and achieve more precise counting results.

Customization is always available, please mark down your need when contact us.

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1. Speed and Accuracy

  • Till now, the counting time and accuracy of various sizes of reels as below. It will be faster and more accurate as our algorithm updates.
Reel SizeParts SizeQuantityRepeat AccuracySpeed
7" (180mm)10051000099.95%9-10s
7" (180mm)2011000099.98%9-10s
7" (180mm)4021000099.99%9-10s
7" (180mm)603500099.99%8-10s
10" (254mm)1206500099.99%9-10s
15" (380mm)12061000099.99%10-12s

2. Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Algorithm

  • Our counting software uses a powerful artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm. No need to bind components to the algorithm, we use AI to automatically identify components and automatically apply the algorithm. The algorithm can learn the counted component data.

    Such as:
    1.Aspect ratio
    2.The angle of each corner of the component
    3.Slope between components from inside to outside
    4.Deformation of component images from the inside to the outside, etc.

3. Cloud Database

  • All of the X-ray counter can connect to the unique cloud database. Hence, the data and images of the equipment will be uploaded to the cloud, and then the equipment will download the latest database automatically. The engineers will also optimize the algorithm in the background in terms of the images and data collected by each equipment, and will regularly update it into the database for customers.

5. High Quality Yamaha Nozzles

  • Using the same nozzles as Yamaha, it owns an excellent quality and reliable performance during the picking process. Since this compatible design, it is more flexible and convenient for daily use.


X-ray Source
TypeClosed, microfocus
Max. Tube Voltage80kV
Max. Tube Current700 Microampere
Focal Spot Size30 microns
Flat Panel Detector
TypeSuper definition digital FPD
Effective Area427mm*427mm
Pixel Size139 microns
Reel/Tray Counting
Max. Size17¡± (430mm)
Max. Thickness85mm
Min. Parts Size1005
AccuracyGreater than 99.95%
Power SupplyAC110-220V 50/60HZ
Max Power1500W
Industrial PCI3-7100 CPU, 8G RAM, 240GB SSD
Displayer24” HDMI LCD
Other Functions
Code ScanningBarcode and QR code.
Label PrintingPrint material code and quantity automatically after counting.
Management System ConnectionMES, ERP, etc.
Radiation LeakageNo leakage, international standard: less than 1 micro-sievert/hour
Back Door Safety InterlockOnce users open the back door, X-ray tube will power off immediately. When the back door is open, users can¡¯t turn on the X-ray.
Tray Collision ProtectionThere are steel plates protect the tray from collision when it comes out.
Anti-pinch Safety Light CurtainOnce the hand enters the movement range of the tray,
the safety light curtain will be triggered, the tray will stop immediately,
and the software will pop up a prompt at the same time. Users can continue only the hand leaves and click confirm on the prompt.
Emergency StopIn front of the operation position, press to power off.


Dimension (LxWxH,mm)1000x1300x1920
Weight (Kg)850

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Contact Your PCBA Experts By One Click

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.

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