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The PCB loader and unloader usually used for loading and unloading of PCB board during SMT process. EletronicsTalk offer up to 10 types of loader or unloader with varied features.

Basic Description

As the standard magazine type loader or loader, it owns common needed function that widely applied in the beginning and ending position of a PCB assembly line. With redesigning the standard type.

L type can load the PCB in a 90 degree angle, which shorten the length of a SMT line. Moreover, the stacker and compact type is very suitable for massive loading of PCB bare boards, saving lots of loading time and operation costs. By equipped with the special suction feeding structure,

Besides, the vacuum type is developed for another customer’s option. As the best selling models, ElectronicsTalk also recommends customers to select the vacuum/stacker and magazine combination types, which integrated the main benefits of others that can simultaneously handle both bare board and double-side board.

Besides these models, there are dual-rail unloader specified for double-side production and horizontal NG/OK unloader for detection of PCB in the end of the production line. Lastly, to automatically count the chip reels before using the x-ray counter, the auto-chip reels loader and unloader is also available and one innovative product.

Learning Has No Limits

ElectronicsTalk aware of this philosophy all the time, like the over 2 decades we are still serving countless individual for their PCB assembly business, check the guide we prepared here for PCB Loader Unloader.