Selective Wave Soldering Machine

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This machine used for through-hole soldering in DIP line. especially for the some of place where need the soldering instead of entire. ElectronicsTalk provide off-line, in-line , and in-line advanced selective wave soldering machine.

Basic Description

ElectronicsTalk can offer off-line, on-line, and two-module integrated selective wave soldering machine for the customer of various of demands. The off-line type can has a maximum PCB dimension of 300mm and integrated with both flux spraying and soldering, particularly suitable for NPI products.

Next, the on-line type consists of three function that are spraying, preheating, and soldering. With Maximum PCB dimension of 400mm, it’s suitable for high-quality and small batch production.

Last one is integrated on-line type, with maximum PCB size of 600mm and optional for double-solder machine, it’s suitable for massive production

Learning Has No Limits

ElectronicsTalk aware of this philosophy all the time, like the over 2 decades we are still serving countless individual for their PCB assebly business, check the guide we prepared here for SMT Conveyor.