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About Electronicstalk.com

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ElectronicsTalk has been serving since the year of 2001, it is a news and information website aimed at Electronics Design, Development and Manufacturing Engineers throughout the world.

For years, we kept publishing news releases, case studies and technical articles from any manufacturers which submit them to us (see below), making ElectronicsTalk one of the most comprehensive on-line news resources providers.

Totally, we currently have 57036 news releases from 3266 suppliers on the website. ElectronicsTalk also has a free email newsletter from the editor, containing the top news releases.

In 2018, we achieved a major breakthrough. Since then, our mission enlarged to select and integrate some of the most cost-effective PCBA industrial equipment suppliers in the industry to serve the customers.

ElectronicsTalk has been devoted to providing all-in-one PCBA solutions for years. We integrated the most valuable suppliers globally to help you solve any issues in PCB production line.

All the options we can offer include: PCB handling, mounting, soldering, printing, inspection, conformal coating, and peripheral consumable series, etc. You can find out your favorite equipment with complete purchase information quickly here.

One-stop service that we have been focusing on contains strict quality control, offering attentive pre-sales service in real-time at 24/7 to remove purchase barriers and post-sales service to keep improving the customer satisfaction. The Fast and efficient customer service support will begin when we received your first inquiry.

What’s more, we have 5 additional core strengths shown at below:

★ Product R&D:

With strong and talented R&D teams, our product can be upgraded with the latest technologies and satisfy the demand in most valuable prices.

★Demo Centers:

We have set up many demo centers separately in each different markets in the world, which can enable our suppliers to demonstrate their product solutions and technologies easily and effectively to our customers.

★Post-sales Support:

Since the complexities of industrial machines, it is crucial to emphasis this process and develop more long-term customers. We hired the service engineers globally who can help our customers to fix any technical problems which particularly serve for post-sales support through their rich experience and precise spoken English..

★Free On-site Training:

We offer on-site training for each customer for free by sending our engineers to the specified customer place.On one side, our strategic agents are spreading all around the world, which is very convenient for our customers to get approach with them. On the other side, by using any on-line remote tools such as video teaching, makes the training procedure simplified.

★Vast information sharing:

Relying on this platform, any web-visitors who may play different roles in the industry can share their opinions or ideas on the particular dimensions.

Solving the PCBA industry biggest problems

Working with ElectronicsTalk offers you high-standard PCBA products that are supplied from credible manufacturers in attractive cost.

We dedicate to provide the best customer support, its the vital aspect of our company philosophy.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.