Revolutionize Your Inspections with the MirXT-160

Revolutionize Your Inspections with the MirXT-160


High-Resolution 3D CT X-Ray Imaging for Unmatched Precision and Detail


Experience and Capabilities

  • High-resolution 3D CT X-ray imaging
  • Detailed insights into various materials and components
  • Applicable for aerospace, automotive, and medical industries
  • Provides unparalleled accuracy and precision
  • Ensures thorough examination of intricate parts and complex assemblies without compromising on efficiency

Industries Used-in

  • Semiconductor
  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology)
  • Photovoltaic
  • Ceramic products
  • Other special industries

Use Applications

  • BGA (Ball Grid Array)
  • CSP (Chip Scale Package)
  • Flip Chip
  • LED semiconductor 3D detection
  • SMT welding analysis
  • 3D CT scanning system (plane CT + Cone-beam CT)

3D X-ray Inspection System: MirXT-160

The MirXT-160 is a cutting-edge 3D X-ray inspection system tailored for advanced wafer technology, SMT, packaging inspection, semiconductor, and laboratory applications. It excels in detecting solder/tin voids and bonding wire issues commonly found in the SMT and semiconductor manufacturing processes within the electronics industry. The system effectively identifies packaging defects such as offsets, wire cross short circuits, flip-chip solder ball issues, wire breakage, and detachment.

Functions and Features

  • Modular design, user-customized system
  • Multi-axis motion control system enables clear detection from different angles
  • Automatic real-time navigation chart and X-ray image navigation chart function
  • Specially designed OVHM module, the detector can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and tilt 70 degrees
  • Ultra-high-speed, high-definition CT images
  • Product process programming, with automatic detection function, 5-axis interpolation function, visual CNC detection, and unlimited point editing
  • Digital real-time image processing technology, professional configuration HDR image enhancement technology functions
  • Maximum tube voltage: 160KV, maximum power 20W
  • Geometric magnification up to 2100x, total magnification up to 23000x
  • The smallest detection capability can reach: 0.35 micron
  • OVHM technology for high magnification bevel detection

Product Pictures

Application Product Samples

3D X-Ray Images

Detailed Specifications

System Magnification and Resolution

Geometry Magnification Time


Total Magnification


Details Resolution

Up to 0.35 microns

Submicron X-ray Tube

Open micron tube, transmission tube head, 170 °radiation Angle, collimation function

Maximum Tube Voltage


Maximum Power



Non-toxic carrier tungsten target and can be rotated for multiple uses

Vacuum System

Oil-free low vacuum pump + turbo molecular vacuum pump



Control Platform

X-ray automatic navigation system, can achieve internal and external navigation

Overall Structure

High precision anti-vibration, 5-axis synchronous drive

Maximum Detection Range


Maximum Work piece Size/Weight


Probe WNW Triangle View Rotated

Adjustable viewing Angle 70°,n×360°


Joystick control or mouse (manual mode) CNC programming Control(automatic mode)

Control AIDS

X-ray image navigation map, click to move function, click to enlarge function, Automatically maintain the center of vision function, laser positioning and aiming

Anti-Collision System

Prevent the test sample from colliding with the ray tube

Image processing software

ELT x/act base

Comprehensive X-ray image analysis software includes image contrast enhancement and filtering. measurement, CNC programming

BGA mode

BGA solder joint automatic detection function

VC mode

Automatic calculation of void area ratio, including multi-chip mounting void detection function

System scale (WxHD)

1650mm*1680mm*1955mm (Excluding console and detachable rear extension)

Console Height Adjustable


Maximum Weight

About 3050kg

Radiation safety protection

Safety shielding room with lead steel protective structure and lead glass Windows, in accordance with German and American safety design standards for X-ray equipment

Radiation leakage dose rate

<1.0m Sv/h, in line with international standard

Hardware options

Tilt/rotate gear

Tilt 70° and rotate n × 360* with a maximum workpiece weight of 5kg

Laser posting device

Cross laser wire

Square non-rotiatng platform

Test area to 510mm x 510mm



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