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Applications Across Industries


Revolutionary 3D CT X-Ray Imaging

3D CT X-Ray

  • Revolutionize inspection with 3D CT X-ray tech.
  • Gain detailed insights into complex structures for superior quality control.
  • Improve product development and manufacturing efficiency.

Integrated Circuits And Electronics Precision

IC and Semi-Conductor X-Ray

  • Optimize semiconductor manufacturing with specialized X-ray solutions.
  • Detect defects and ensure reliability in electronic components.
  • Enhance yield rates and quality assurance in IC production.

Foundry Mastery with Metal Casting X-Ray

Metal Casting X-Ray

  • Explore metal casting with advanced X-ray solutions.
  • Detect defects and ensure quality in precision components.
  • Optimize casting processes for efficiency and reliability.

Battery Innovation with Advanced X-Ray Insights

Battery X-Ray

  • Enhance energy storage with battery X-ray technology.
  • Analyze cell composition and improve performance in energy systems.
  • Ensure safety and reliability in battery production.