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Where Precision Meets Vision: X-Ray Intelligence Redefined

Where Precision Meets Vision: X-Ray Intelligence Redefined

Experience the power of cutting-edge X-ray technology with ELT’s advanced industrial solutions.

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World’s Top #1

ELT – ElectronicsTalk

Industry Leader in providing the High-Tech X-Ray Testing Equipment and Solutions.

  • At ELT, we leverage our status as a high-tech enterprise to pioneer advanced X-ray testing solutions, ensuring industry-leading precision and reliability.

  • With over 20 years of expertise, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of X-ray technology, delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving industry needs.

Experience cutting-edge HDR X-Ray imaging with ELT

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More than a just X-Ray Machine Manufacturer

ELT Services

Tailored & Customized Solutions

Imagine the perfect X-ray solution, crafted just for you. Share your needs, and our experts will work their magic, unveiling a bespoke machine designed to match your purpose. Let’s turn your vision into reality—get in touch with us today and experience the power of customized innovation.

Expert Service Team

Our seasoned engineers offer timely and expert services, including consultancy, custom design, equipment qualification, and safety inspections.

Training & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive after-sales support, including online tutorials, installation guides, safety inspections, and personalized maintenance for X-ray equipment.


A Guide to: How to choose the perfect x-ray solution for your industry in 2024



Delivering World’s Top X-Ray Inspection Solutions

ELT Commitment to X-Ray Tech Innovation and Support

Industry-Leading R&D Team

With 20+ years of experience, our R&D experts drive innovation, ensuring ELT remains at the forefront of technological advancements globally.

Proven Track Record

ELT has served 20,000+ clients globally, demonstrating our excellence and reliability in delivering top-notch X-ray solutions to diverse industries.

Global Assistance

Our extensive support network ensures prompt, reliable assistance worldwide, showcasing our commitment to exceptional service.

Trusted by 20000+ companies across the globe

Advanced X-Ray Solutions and Intelligent Testing Equipment

Explore ELT’s X-Ray Product Line

3D CT X-Ray Machines

Revolutionize Industrial Imaging with 3D CT X-Ray Technology.

PCB/BGA X-Ray Machines

Optimize Electronics Manufacturing with Advanced X-Ray Solutions.

NDT Casting X-Ray Machines

Enhance Metal Casting Processes with Reliable X-Ray Solutions.

Battery X-Ray Machines

Improve Energy Storage with Advanced Battery X-Ray Analysis.

High-Speed SMT Reel X-Ray Counter

Revolutionize Your SMT Production Line with Precision and Speed

Unbeatable Offer Challenge!

Unbeatable Offer Challenge!

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Explore Our X-Ray Solutions

Applications Across Industries


Revolutionary 3D CT X-Ray Imaging

3D CT X-Ray

  • Revolutionize inspection with 3D CT X-ray tech.
  • Gain detailed insights into complex structures for superior quality control.
  • Improve product development and manufacturing efficiency.

Integrated Circuits And Electronics Precision

IC and Semi-Conductor X-Ray

  • Optimize semiconductor manufacturing with specialized X-ray solutions.
  • Detect defects and ensure reliability in electronic components.
  • Enhance yield rates and quality assurance in IC production.

Foundry Mastery with Metal Casting X-Ray

Metal Casting X-Ray

  • Explore metal casting with advanced X-ray solutions.
  • Detect defects and ensure quality in precision components.
  • Optimize casting processes for efficiency and reliability.

Battery Innovation with Advanced X-Ray Insights

Battery X-Ray

  • Enhance energy storage with battery X-ray technology.
  • Analyze cell composition and improve performance in energy systems.
  • Ensure safety and reliability in battery production.

See more applications across industries!

Top #1 X-Ray

Join Forces with ELT for Project Success

Revolutionize Your Industry with Cutting-Edge X-Ray Technology

Experience the Future of X-Ray inspection Technology.

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Technical Expertise 95%
Innovation Capability 92%
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Customer Experience 97%

Meet our amazing ELT Pioneers

Meet the Visionaries Behind Top #1 X-Ray Tech

With our deep expertise in X-ray technology, our team leaders turns complex challenges into innovative solutions.

Peter Liu


Dunchun Liu

Production Manager

Abdul K.

After-Service Supervisor

Patricia White

Sales Manager

Expert Consultation

for Personalized Recommendations

Find the Perfect X-Ray Machine for Your Needs

Our experienced professionals will guide you through selecting the perfect X-ray machine tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy while saving cost.

Customer Stories

Discover What Industry Leaders Have to Say

“ELT’s X-ray machines especially battery x-ray machines ensure the safety and integrity of our electric vehicles, supporting our mission to lead the EV industry with cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to innovation and quality has been instrumental in BYD’s continued success.”

MirXT-160 . HT300 . MFX600LP . DL1000 . ADL100

“ELT’s casting X-ray equipment has become an indispensable part of Toyota’s manufacturing process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability in our vehicles. Their advanced solutions and unwavering support have played a pivotal role in maintaining Toyota’s reputation as a leader in the automotive industry.”

HT5000 . MirXT-160 . HT100

“Samsung counts on ELT’s SMT X-ray machines to ensure precision and reliability in our electronics manufacturing processes. Their expertise and technological advancements have been key factors in supporting Samsung’s leadership in the consumer electronics market.”

HT300 . MirXT-160 . HT5000

“At LG, we rely on ELT’s semiconductor X-ray equipment to uphold our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality to our customers. Their innovative solutions and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in supporting LG’s position as a trusted brand in the electronics industry.”

HT5000 . HT300


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