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ELT’s Casting X-Ray Machines

Experience and Capabilities

  • Customized casting X-ray solutions to meet diverse industry needs
  • Advanced casting X-ray technology
  • Comprehensive inspection capabilities
  • Ensures structural integrity and quality performance
  • Innovative solutions tailored to specific requirements

Industries Used-in

  • Non-destructive testing of automobile parts
  • Aluminum and iron castings
  • Hardware products
  • Tire wheels
  • Pressure vessels
  • Refractory materials
  • Boiler pipes
  • Other industrial and scientific research fields

Use Applications

  • Comprehensive inspection and testing of cast components
  • Ensures structural integrity and quality performance
  • Detection of internal defects in casting materials
  • Verification of dimensional accuracy and consistency

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ELT’s Battery X-Ray Machines

Specs Overview



Casting X-ray Inspection | HT1000:

Discover our advanced non-destructive testing equipment designed for various lightweight flat plate products, including gold and Li castings, auto parts, plastic products, and rubber products. Engineered for precision and cost-effectiveness, our inspection solutions offer high integration and space-saving design.

Functions and Features

  • Precision Inspection: Ideal for small precision casting inspections, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Compact Design: High integration with a compact structure, saving valuable space.
  • Enhanced Detection: Features a small focus size with advanced software HDR processing for superior image quality.

Detailed Specification

X-Ray Tube  Tube Style Sealed Tube
Tube Voltage 160KV
Tube Current 2.5mA
Optical Tube Power 400W
Detail Resolution 0.4-0.8mm
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Plat Panel Detector Effective Imaging Area 432mm*432mm
Pixel size 2816×2816mm
A/D change 16Bit
Sample Table Axis X 400mm
Axis Y 400mm
Sample Table 500*500mm
Effective Visual Range 400*400mm
Software and Image Processing Capabilities Measuring Function The bubble crack of the test sample was determined by software
Software Processing Power  Image inversion, sharpening, histogram, binarization for better analysis

X-RAY picture

Image Enhancement Automatic image enhancement, Image reverse color, Image edge smoothing, Texture
Software Protection Capability When the machine is unmanned, the X-ray is automatically disconnected after 20 minutes, thus extending the life of the X-ray tube
Radiation Safety The machine surface is less than 1usv/h <1usv/h
Safety door automatic interlock protection function when the X-ray is turned on, the safety door automatically locks for protection
X-Ray Subject Size L1005mm*W1180mm*H1625mm
Weight about 1400kg
Power Power Supply Mode AC110-230VAC,50/60Hz

Casting X-ray Inspection | HT2000D:

Experience state-of-the-art detection technology with our equipment designed for small and medium-sized products such as metal castings, welding parts, hardware products, plastic products, rubber products, and ceramic bodies. This advanced system offers precise, intelligent, and automated inspection capabilities.

Functions and Features

  • Comprehensive Detection: Automatic detection system with intelligent discrimination, automatic analysis, and report generation.
  • High Efficiency: Fast and smooth motion performance ensures high detection efficiency.
  • Enhanced Imaging: Real-time dynamic imaging with HDR image enhancement software for superior clarity.
  • 360° Inspection: Platform rotation for no dead angle detection.
  • Versatile Applicability: Capable of detecting various workpieces with a wide range of applicability.
  • Advanced Defect Recognition: Equipped with Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) function for enhanced accuracy.

Detailed Specification

XRay Tube Tube Style Sealed Tube
Tube Voltage 160KV
Tube Current 2.5mA
Optical Tube 400W
Details Resolution 0.4mm
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Flat Panel Detector Effective Area 157mm*157mm
Pixel Size 154um
A/D Change 16Bit
Sample Table Axis Z 650mm
Axis X 400mm
Axis Y 440mm
Axis U ±35°tilt
Axis R Horizontal 360° Rotation
Maximum Bearing Capacity 30KG
Software and Image Processing Capabilities Measuring function The bubble crack of the test sample was determined by software.
Software processing Power  Image Inversion, Sharpening, Histogram, Binarization for better analysis of X-RAY images
Image Enhancement Automatic Image Enhancement, Image Reverse color, Image Edge Smoothing, Texture
Software Protection Capability When the Machine is Unmanned, the X-Ray is automatically disconnected after 20 minutes, thus extending the life of the X-ray tube
Radiation safety The machine surface is less than 1usv/h <1usv/h
Safety door automatic interlock protection function When the X-ray is turned on, the safety door automatically locks for protection
computer Brand Advantech
System WIN10
X-Ray subject Size Host machine:L1465mm*W1165mm*H1923mm

Operating table:L950mm*W870mm*1359mm

Weight About 2000kg
Power Power supply mode AC110-230VAC,50/60Hz

Casting X-ray Inspection | HT5000:

Explore our versatile non-destructive testing equipment, ideal for auto parts, casting, welds, aerospace components, and related industries. Designed to meet the diverse inspection needs of small to medium workpieces, thin-walled light workpieces, and thick gray cast iron, this equipment ensures precise and reliable detection of various defects in tires, wheels, and other castings, maintaining product quality and safety.

Functions and Features

  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for a variety of industries including auto parts, castings, welds, and aerospace.
  • Comprehensive Inspection: Capable of inspecting small, medium, and thin-walled light workpieces, as well as thick gray cast iron.
  • High Detection Accuracy: Quickly and accurately detects defects in tires, wheels, and other castings.
  • Efficient Performance: Fast and smooth motion performance with high detection efficiency.
  • 360° Coverage: Tilted detector and X-ray tube with 360° platform rotation for no dead angle detection.
  • Large Detection Space: Accommodates large objects with ample internal detection space.
  • Enhanced Imaging: Real-time dynamic imaging with HDR image enhancement software for clear, detailed results.

Detailed Specification

XRay Tube Tube Style Sealed Tube
Tube Voltage 160KV
Tube Current 2.5mA
Optical Tube Power 400W
Detail Resolution 0.4mm
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
XRay X-Ray Rotation Angle Coaxial ±45˚ tilt is possible
FlatPanel Detector Effective Area 432mm*432mm
Pixel Size 2816×2816
A/D Change 16Bit
Sample Table Axis Z 800mm
Axis X 500mm
Axis Y 500mm
Axis R Horizontal 360° rotation
Maximum Bearing Capacity Maximum load 100KG
Software and Image Processing Capabilities Measuring Function The bubble crack of the test sample was determined by software
Software Processing power Image inversion, Sharpening, Histogram,Binarization for better analysis of X-RAY images
Image Enhancement Automatic image enhancement, image reverse color, image edge smoothing, texture
Software Protection Capability When the machine is unmanned, the X-ray is automatically disconnected after 20 minutes, thus extending the life of the X-ray tube
Radiation Safety Whole Machine Surface less than 1usv/h <1usv/h
Safety Door Automatic Interlock Protection Function When the X-ray is turned on, the safety door automatically locks for protection
Radiation Door Manual button on and off
Computer Brand Advantech
System WIN10
X-Ray subject Size L1822mm*W1535mm*H1929mm
Weight about 4500kg
Power Power Supply AC110-230VAC,50/60Hz

Casting X-ray Inspection | HT5000C:

Introducing our advanced on-line X-ray inspection machine, specifically designed for the automatic inspection of auto parts. This state-of-the-art system leverages image detection technology and X-ray perspective to convert visible light images, enabling high-definition imaging, automatic positioning, and precise image processing.

Functions and Features

  • Automatic Operation: Features automatic feeding, positioning, measurement, judgment, and storage of product images and measurement data.
  • High-Definition Imaging: Uses a dry Meg network to input image information of the workpiece into the PC host for high-definition imaging and processing.
  • Defect Detection: Automatically calculates the area and proportion of defects like pores and cracks to determine product qualification.
  • Stable and Accurate: Provides stable, correct, and consistent test results.
  • User-Friendly: Simple operation with the ability to set testing standards for new products within 30 minutes.
  • Customizable Results: Test results can be freely set, including save path, picture format, and qualified or unqualified pictures.

Detailed Specification

Tube Tube Style Sealed Tube
Tube Voltage 130KV
Detail Resolution 3um
Cooling mode Air Cooling
Geometry Magnification Time 320X
Flat Panel Detector Effective Area 157mm*157mm
Pixel Size 154um
A/D Change 16Bit
Sample Table  Axis X 400mm
Axis Y 300mm
Axis R 60°
Maximum bearing capacity 20KG
Radiation safety The Machine Surface is less than 1usv/h <1usv/h
Safety door automatic interlock protection function When the X-ray is turned on, the safety door automatically locks for protection
Radiation door Manual Button On and Off
X-Ray subject Size L1450mm*W1400mm*H1600mm
Weight about 2000kg
Power Power Supply AC220VAC,50/60Hz

Casting X-ray Inspection | HT100:

Discover our cutting-edge non-destructive testing equipment designed for detecting bubbles, pores, and foreign bodies in automobile steering wheels and various small castings. This advanced system ensures precise and reliable inspection to maintain high product quality and safety.

Functions and Features

  • Comprehensive Defect Detection: Specially designed for identifying bubbles, pores, and foreign bodies in automotive steering wheels and small castings.
  • Automatic Testing: Equipped with advanced automatic testing software to determine product quality accurately.
  • 360° Multi-Angle Inspection: The workpiece on the pallet detection platform can be rotated 360°, allowing for thorough inspection from multiple angles.

Detailed Specification

X-Ray Tube Tube Style Sealed Tube
Tube Voltage 160KV
Tube Current 2.5mA
Penetration Power 50mm(AL)
Detail Resolution D=0.4mm
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Flat Panel Detector Effective Area 427mm*427mm
Pixel Size 154um
A/D Change 16Bit
Sample Table Axis X 420mm
Axis Y 480mm
Axis Z 360mm
Axis R Horizontal 360° Rotation
Maximum Bearing Capacity 10KG
Software and Image Processing Capabilities Measuring Function The bubble crack of the test sample was determined by software
Software Processing Power Image Inversion, Sharpening, Histogram, Binarization for better analysis of X-RAY Images
Image Enhancement Automatic Image Enhancement, Image Reverse Color, Image Edge Smoothing, Texture
Software Protection Capability When the machine is unmanned, the X-Ray is automatically disconnected after 20 minutes, thus extending the life of the X-ray tube
Radiation Safety The machine surface is less than 1usv/h <1usv/h
Safety door automatic interlock protection function When the X-Ray is turned on, the safety door automatically locks for protection
Computer Brand Advantech
System WIN10
X-Ray Subject Size L1285mm*W1100mm*H1745mm
Weight about 1500kg
Power Power Supply Mode AC110-230VAC,50/60Hz

Application Product Samples

X-Ray Inspection Images


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