Automatic Stencil Printer

In order to meet different customer requirements, ElectronicsTalk offers four types of stencil printers including the high-end models of SP-510A and SP-340A, SP-510BTB for dual-rail printing process,

And the last low-cost model called SP-340B. All equipped with full-automatic mode, the four types of stencil printers are classified according to their own features.

Basic Description of Automatic Stencil Printer

Firstly, as one of the high-end models, the SP-510A has an maximum applicable PCB range of 510x510mm, which is different than another high-end model called SP-340A. The SP-340A only has a maximum PCB size of 510 (optional 530) x 340mm, which is more suitable for a smaller PCB board size.

Then, Electronicstalk recommends the SP-510BTB for any dual-rail printing requirements. The reason is that it can double the printing productivity while cost at only one machine with less space occupied. Lastly, for the small PCB size requirement, there is the model of SP-340B suggested.

Learning Has No Limits

ElectronicsTalk aware of this philosophy all the time, like the over 2 decades we are still serving countless individual for their PCB assebly business, check the guide we prepared here for SMT Conveyor.