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ElectronicsTalk provides a complete, high-precision fluid solution during PCB coating.

With up to three models of selective conformal coating machine, which all accurately realize the selective spraying process of coating area.

The UV curing and IR reflow oven have a high performance of temperature control with fantastic performance. Besides, the board handling such as auto loader & unloader, visual inspection, reject conveyor, are available.

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PCB Conformal Coating Solution

    1. Selective Conformal Coating Machine

    The three models of selective conformal coating machine are classified according to their working method and performance.

    Adopting 3/4 axis of driving mode and 2 standard valves which enable auto-switching and coordination, can realize high density and complex PCB spraying process.

    Imported major parts allow the system positioning accuracy to achieve 20 micron and high-speed and stable transmission control system.

    Besides, the valve of the CC-8402 can be tilted 45°, rotated 360°, and is automatically cleaned, which is an unique design except for the other two models.


    2. Conformal Coating Board Handling

    Unique design for conformal coating line solution, there are many board handling machines provided as well. All of the handling machines are support up and down transmission conveyor system, which is particularly applied for the automatic coating process when top-bottom sides
    of board needed to coating.


    3. UV Curing Oven

    UV curing oven can optimize the curing process by utilizing ultra-violet. Equipped with stepper motor and chain conveyor, owning higher transmission speed and width adjustment automatically.

    With PLC and touch screen system, ensure stable control ability. The equipment has the function of board entry and exit detection, which can observe the number of boards in the equipment and the conveying situation at any time.

    Also, it carries two sets of electronic dimming light sources at the same time, and the UV light intensity can be adjusted accordingly.

    4. Infrared IR oven

    The chain conveying method is adopted, and the width between the chains can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 50-450mm, which can meet the various connection methods of customers.

    The chain uses stainless steel extension pin chain, ensure a solid and stable structure. Use the PID temperature controller and button control to achieve precise temperature control in 2 temperature zones. It has 2 temperature zones, each with 6 heating pipes, to minimize energy consumption.


    5. PCB Coating Spray Nozzle

    Supporting 9 types of PCB coating spray nozzles or valves varied as their different functions. The block type dispensing valve, small atomizing spray valve, large atomizing spray valve, needle atomizer, extended needle atomizer, three mode injection valve, water curtain valve, back suction valve, nano-meter spray valve.


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    ElectronicsTalk aware of this philosophy all the time, like the over 2 decades we are still serving countless individual for their PCB assebly business, check the guide we prepared here for PCB Conformal Coating.

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    We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.

    Contact Your PCBA Experts By One Click

    We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.