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ElectronicsTalk can provide 4 types of BGA rework stations, which are the desktop BRS-410, full-auto BRS-550, large board BRS-650, and the floor-standing BRS-660. Each of the model owns a high-accuracy temperature control with simulating the soldering process of reflow oven, which improves the efficiency of component reworks.

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Basic Description

There are four models available for the BGA rework station offered by ElectronicsTalk. First, the desktop BGA rework station is the cost-effective one and is suitable for small size of PCB board with high optical positioning accuracy and great heating method.

Second, the full-auto models of BRS-550 has a higher automatic operation than previous one. And when aligning, its lens can be moved forwards, backwards, left, and right to observe the periphery of the chip without dead spots.

Third, the BRS-650 is used for larger size of board and can mount bigger IC components. Besides, adding more sensors, motion motors, and use of higher pixel of camera meets a higher production requirements.

Lastly, the floor-standing model has the highest configuration with best heating system, flexible optical alignment system, and high-level of automatic operation.

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