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PCB X-ray | X-600Plus

Basic Description

The X-600Plus is the latest version of the PCB X-ray inspection machine that Electronicstalk provided. It adopts the Japan Hamamatsu X-ray source and Korea Rayence flat panel detector, which ensures high-accuracy of focal spot size and pixel size. As a result, a clear X-ray image is capable to be produced.

Besides, it has a large detection area of 530×530 millimeters, which meets the inspection requirement of big PCB boards.

What’s more, its software system is also highly intelligent and automatic. There are image effect adjustment method, display real-time coordination, movement speed control, void rate automatic calculation, etc.

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Demonstration of PCB X-ray Application

1. Two Core Hardware Parts

  • Panel Detector(0505A) : Rayence has built the world’s first full line-up of dental, medical, veterinary, and industrial X-ray detector products. Also, in Korea, Rayence is the only company that owns the techniques for designing CMOS wafer, developing flat panel detectors (TFT), and using the core technology of scintillator, which is used for radiation detection.
  • Hamamatsu X-Ray Source(90KV) : The Hamamatsu microfocus X-ray sources have been evolved specifically for X-ray non-destructive inspection system. These X-ray sources equipped with an X-ray tube that has a small focal spot of several micro-meters to ten micro-meters, able to generating a clear X-ray picture even at a high magnification.
  • The RS-232C interface is supplied as a widespread feature, permitting computerized operation with the aid of using outside control.
  • The X-ray tube has an air-cooled and hermetically sealed structure, and is included with its excessive voltage electricity deliver for smooth handling. (High voltage cables are not required.)

2. Friendly Design of PCB Xray

  • FPD instead of the table can tilt 60°, which won’t sacrifice magnification.
  • The speed is adjustable, 5 axis coordination linkage system is adopted, which can maintain the image central while tilting.
  • The speed is adjustable, 5 axis coordination linkage system is adopted, which can maintain the image central while tilting.
  • The inspection procedures can be edited to achieve automatic inspection in large quantities.

3. Software Feature – Function Module

  • Operation : Keyboard and mouse can finish all operations
  • PCB X-ray Tube Control : Using mouse to click the X button can turn on or off the X-ray. The real-time tube voltage and current value will display beside, users can click up and down button, or drag the slider, or type to adjust.
  • Image Effect Adjustment : The brightness, contrast and gain of the image can be adjusted freely to achieve a satisfactory result.
  • Product List : Users can save the inspection parameters such as x-axis coordinates, contrast, brightness, and gain, and can directly call the parameters when inspecting the same product, to improve the inspection efficiency.
  • Navigation Window : After the camera takes a photo of the table, click anywhere in the photo, the table will move to the place you click and display on the screen.

4. Software Feature – Void Rate Measurement

  • Automatic Calculation : Click on two points to determine a rectangle. The software automatically finds and measures the edge of the solder ball in the rectangle, the pad and the internal voids, and can get the data of the voids rate, the area of the solder ball, the circumference, the biggest void’s rate, the length and the width, and indicates NG or OK by red and green
  • Parameters Adjustment : Users can adjust the grayscale threshold, pixel, contrast, size filtering and other parameters to get accurate results of automatic calculation.
  • Add Voids Manually : Users can draw a polygon or a free figure and calculate it as a void into the void rate.

5. Software Feature – Automatic Inspection

  • Manual Setting : Users can set any positions on the table as inspection points, the software will automatically inspect and save the picture.
  • Array : For the regular inspection points, users only need to set two of the inspection points and the number of rows and columns, the software will automatically inspect each point and save pictures.
  • Automatic Identification : For inspection points with obvious features, the software automatically identifies the positions, takes measurements, and saves the image.


X-ray Source
BrandJapan Hamamatsu
TypeClosed, microfocus
Max Tube Voltage90kV
Max Tube Current200 Microampere
Focal Spot Size0.05mm
Flat Panel Detector
BrandKorea Rayence
Effective Area58mm*54mm
Pixel Size0.0495mm
Frame Rate30fps
Tiltable Angle60 degree
Table Size530mm*530mm
Detectable Area500mm*500mm
Max. Load10Kg
MagnificationSystem 1500X; Geometry 200X
Inspection SpeedMax. 3.0s/point
Power SupplyAC110-220V; 50/60HZ
Max. Power1500W
Industrial PCI3-7100 CPU, 4G RAM, 240GB SSD
Displayer24¡± HDMI LCD
Radiation LeakageNo leakage, international standard: less than 1 micro-sievert/hour
Lead Glass Observation WindowTransparent lead glass window shields radiation to observe the inner status.
Window and Back Door Safety InterlockOnce users open the window or back door, X-ray tube will power off immediately.
When the window or back door is open, users can't turn on the X-ray.
ElectromagneticLocked once the X-ray is turn on
Safety SwitchObservation window.
Emergency StopNext to the operation position, press to power off
Tube ProtectionUser can't leave the software, if you don't trun off the X-ray tube.


Dimension (LxWxH, mm)1360x1365x1630
Weight (Kg)1350

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.

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