ET X5 PCB Xray Inspection Machine

ElectronicsTalk is referred to as an organization that provides the latest technology in PCB inspection machines, and they have introduced their newest version called ET X5 PCB Xray Inspection Machine. It adopts the Japan Hamamatsu X-ray source and Korea Rayence flat panel detector, which ensures high-accuracy of focal spot size and pixel size. As a result, a clear X-ray image is capable to be produced.

Besides, it has a large detection area of 530×530 millimeters, which meets the inspection requirement of big PCB boards.

What’s more, its software system is also highly intelligent and automatic. There are image effect adjustment method, display real-time coordination, movement speed control, void rate automatic calculation, etc.

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Types of X-Ray Solutions

Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System ET X5

Features of Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System

  • American Thermofisher’s closed-type X-ray tube – the best on the market. With more than 10,000 hours of a lifetime and unparalleled reliability, our X-ray tube is the perfect choice for any inspection or fault detection application. T

    rust in the superior quality of our advanced technology to provide clear and precise images for electronic components, circuit boards, and solder joints. Choose American Thermofisher for top-of-the-line X-ray technology and stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

  • Upgrade to the latest generation of Yirui’s HD digital flat panel detector (FPD) and experience unparalleled imaging quality. Our advanced technology eliminates the need for an image intensifier, resulting in clear, high-resolution images that are perfect for any medical or industrial application.

    Trust in the superior quality of our FPD to provide accurate and reliable results for even the most complex imaging tasks. Choose Yirui for cutting-edge innovation and top-of-the-line imaging solutions.

  • Experience the next level of imaging with Yirui’s latest generation HD digital flat panel detector (FPD). Our innovative FPD technology allows for tilting up to 70° without sacrificing magnification, providing unparalleled flexibility and accuracy for medical and industrial applications.

    Eliminate the need for bulky tables and extra equipment with our cutting-edge FPD and streamline your imaging process. Trust in the superior quality of Yirui’s advanced technology to provide clear and precise images for even the most complex imaging tasks.

    Choose Yirui for top-of-the-line imaging solutions and stay ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art technology.

  • Maximize efficiency during your imaging tasks with Yirui’s automatic navigation window and advanced table movement technology. Our innovative system allows for precise positioning by simply clicking on the desired location.

    Streamline your workflow and eliminate time-consuming adjustments or extra equipment with our cutting-edge technology. Choose Yirui for top-of-the-line imaging solutions and stay ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art technology.”

  • Yirui’s imaging solutions offer a 600*800 mm table with a load capacity of 10 kg, providing ample space for a variety of imaging tasks. With our state-of-the-art technology and superior quality, you can trust our advanced equipment to provide clear and accurate images time after time.

    Choose Yirui for top-of-the-line imaging solutions and stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge technology

  • The speed adjustable 5-axis linkage system of our imaging solutions ensures that the image remains central even when tilting, providing reliable and accurate results.

    With this cutting-edge technology, you can easily adjust the speed to suit your needs and maintain the image’s central position for enhanced precision.

    Choose our imaging solutions for advanced equipment that delivers exceptional performance and quality time and time again.

  • Our imaging solutions allow for easy editing of inspection procedures, enabling automatic inspection in large quantities. With this feature, you can achieve efficient and accurate inspections with minimal manual intervention.

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  • Easy to operate, can find defects quickly, need only 2 hours to train.

Hardware Parameters of PCB  x-ray inspection Machine

X-ray source Brand American Thermofisher
Type Closed, microfocus
Max tube voltage 130kv
Max tube current 200μA
Focal spot size 2μm
Flat panel detector Function Auto preheat
Brand China Yirui
Effective area 58mm*54mm
Pixel size 85μm
Resolution 1536*1536
Frame rate 30fps
Table Tiltable angle 70°
R axis 360°
Detectable area

Max load



Equipment Magnification Geometry 300X  System 1000X
Inspection speed Max 3.0s/point
Dimensions 1385mm (L) * 1250mm (W) * 1745mm (H)
Weight 1500 kgs
Power supply AC110-220V 50/60HZ
Max power 1500W
Industrial PC I7 CPU, 16G RAM, 1TB Harddisk WIN10
Displayer 27 HDMI LCD
Safety Radiation leakage No leakage, international standard: ≤1μSv/h
Lead glass
Transparent lead glass window shields radiation to observe the inner status.
Window and back

door safety


Once users open the window or back door, X-ray tube will power off immediately. When the window or back door is open, users can’t turn on the X-ray.
Electromagnetic Lock once the X-ray is on, users can’t open the
safety switch observation window.
Emergency stop Next to the operation position, press to power off
Tube protection User can’t leave the software to if you don’t close the X-ray tube.


Dimension of PCB X ray Inspection Machine

Operation Keyboard and mouse can finish all operations
X-ray tube control Using mouse to click the X button can turn on or off
the X-ray. The real-time tube voltage and current
value will display beside, users can click up and
down button, or drag the slider, or type to adjust.
Status bar Indicates the interlock status, pre-heat status, and
X-ray status by flashing alternately red and green.
Image effect
The brightness, contrast and gain of the image can
be adjusted freely to achieve a satisfactory result.
Product list Users can save the inspection parameters such as
Z-axis position, brightness, contrast and gain, and
can directly call the parameters when inspecting the
same product, to improve the inspection efficiency.
After the camera takes a photo of the table, click
anywhere in the photo, the table will move to the
place you click and display on the screen.
Motion axis status Display real-time coordinates.
Inspection result The measurement results (voids rate, distance,
area, etc., set by users) display in order.
Speed control The movement speed of each axis can be adjusted
to slow, normal and fast.
Voids rateAutomatic
Click on two points to determine a rectangle. The
software automatically finds and measures the edge
of the solder ball in the rectangle, the pad and the
internal voids, and can get the data of the voids rate,
he area of the solder ball, the circumference, the
biggest void’s rate, the length and the width, and
indicates NG or OK by red and green.
Users can adjust the grayscale threshold, pixel, contrast, size filtering and other parameters to get accurate results of automatic calculation.
Add voids
Users can draw a polygon or a free figure and
calculate it as a void into the void rate.
Users can save parameters such as grayscale
threshold, pixel, contrast, size filtering and other
parameters, and can directly call the parameters
when detecting the same product, to improve the
detection efficiency.
Distance Click the A and B points to set as the baseline, then
click the C point to measure the vertical distance from
the C point to the baseline.
Distance rate It is mostly used to measure the soldering rate of the
through-hole. Set one more point “D” than the distance.
Divide the vertical distance from the D point to baseline
by the vertical distance of the C point, to obtain the
percentage ratio of the vertical
distance of D to C.
Angle Click the A and B points to set as the baseline, then
click the C point to measure the angle between the
BA and BC rays.
Radius It is mostly used to measure round components such
as solder balls. Click three points to determine a
circle and measure the circumference, area and
Perimeter It is mostly used to measure square components, click
two points to determine a square, measure the
length, width and area.
Users can set any positions on the table as inspection
Image Detection
Manual setting points, the software will automatically
inspect and save the picture.
Skills to
Analyze and judgement of BGA short circuit, open
circuit, void, general soldering defects, etc. Even QFN,
Transistor and IC Packages.
Image inversion, sharpening, histogram, binariation, 3
3D Stimulation for better analysis and X-RAY Image


Working Principle of PCB X-ray Inspection Machine

Application Example of PCB X-ray

BGA solder bridge

BGA solder voids

PCB through-hole

IC voids and gold wire

BGA solder bridge

LED gold wire crack




Thyristor surge suppressors




Steel pipe welding gap

Automobile electronics

Sealed Hamamatsu X-Ray Source 90KV

Overview of Hamamatsu X-Ray

The Hamamatsu Microfocus X-ray sources were developed particularly for
X-ray non-destructive inspection system. These X-ray sources use an X-ray
tube with a small focal spot of several micro-meters to 10 micro-meters,
capable of producing a clear X-ray image even at a high magnification. The
RS-232C interface is provided as a standard feature,allowing automatic
operation by external control.
The X-ray tube has an air-cooled and hermetically sealed structure, and
is integrated with its high voltage power supply for easy handling.
(High voltage cables are not required.)


BGA , CSP , Flip Chip, LED , Fuse, Diode, Sensors, PCB Voids
Semiconductor , Battery Industry , Small Metal Casting, Electronics
Cables and Connectors, 3D Printing Module, Medical Device and Parts.

Key features

Hamamatsu X-Ray Source Features:

  • Focal Spot Size: 5 μm, enables sharp and clear X-ray images even at a high magnification
  • Easy Handling: fully operable from an external PC
    One package of a sealed type X-ray tube, a high-voltage power supply and
  • a control function

Voltage and Current Range

Dimention Outline

Specification of Hamamatsu X-Ray

Parameter Description / Value Unit
Input Voltage (DC) 24 V
Power Consumption (Max.) 96 W
Operating Ambient Temperature +10 to +40 C
Storage Temperature 0 to +50 C
Operating and Storage Humidity Below 85 (No Condensation) %
Weight Approx. 9 kg
Conformance Standards CE (EMC: IEC 61326-1, Group1, Class A)
Operation Continuous
High Voltage Power Supply Built-in
Parameter Description / Value Unit
X-ray Tube Sealed Type
X-ray Tube Cooling Method Convection Cooling
X-ray Tube Window Material / Thickness Beryllium / 150 μm
Target Material Tungsten
Tube Voltage Operational Range 40 to 90 kV
Tube Current Operational Range 1 10 to 200 (8 W Max.) μA
Maximum Output 8 W
X-ray Focal Spot Size 7 (5 μm at 4 W) μm
X-ray Beam Angle (Coned) 30 degrees
Focus to Object Distance (FOD) 11 mm
Parameter Description Unit
Function Tube Voltage and Tube Current Preset / Auto Warm-up
Protection Interlock
External Control RS-232C
Applicable OS Windows® 2000 Professional, XP Professional
Computer Operating Conditions CPU: Intel Pentium or Higher, Memory: 64 MB or More

The Benefits of Using X-Ray PCB Inspection Machines

Here is a summary of some of the key benefits of using X-ray PCB inspection machines:

  • High-resolution imaging allows the detection of microscopic defects – X-rays can penetrate boards and components, revealing issues like cracks, voids, missing connections, or foreign objects that visual inspection would miss. Resolution down to a few microns is possible.
  • Rapid whole-board inspection – X-ray imaging allows the entire board to be scanned at once, rather than inspecting individual sections visually. This allows for faster throughput and detection of defects across the entire board.
  • Repeatability and objectivity – Machine inspection is consistent and objective, while manual visual inspection can vary between operators. This improves quality control.
  • 3D inspection capability – Some X-ray systems generate 3D models of boards and components, allowing more thorough inspection from all angles.
  • Wide range of board sizes – Small boards and large panels can be accommodated by adjusting the X-ray camera setup. No size limitations like with optical inspection.
  • Material agnostic – X-rays penetrate metals, plastics, ceramics, etc allowing inspection of complex multi-material boards. Component type and board thickness have minimal impact.
  • Detects issues like solder defects, contaminants, and placement accuracy – Besides physical defects, X-rays can identify botched solder joints, unwanted foreign objects, misalignments, and more.

The combination of high resolution, rapid throughput, and ability to detect minute defects makes X-ray invaluable for quality control in electronics manufacturing. Implementing X-ray inspection improves product quality and reliability.

The different factors to consider when choosing an X-ray PCB inspection machine

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an X-ray PCB inspection machine:

  • Image resolution – Higher resolution allows seeing smaller defects. Typically measured in microns. Sub-micron resolution is best.
  • X-ray source power – Higher power allows the penetrating of thicker and denser boards. 30-160kV sources are common.
  • Detector technology – Newer CMOS detectors offer faster scanning and lower noise than CCDs. Resolution and pixel size are also factors.
  • Size and thickness capacity – Machines differ in the maximum PCB size and thickness they can handle. Pick one that matches your products.
  • Conveyor speed – Faster conveyors mean higher throughput. Important for high volume production. Speeds from 10-200mm/second are typical.
  • Software capabilities – Software for analyzing images, defect detection, generating reports, etc. Should have sufficient analysis tools.
  • 3D inspection – Some systems offer 3D scanning capability for thorough inspection. Useful for complex boards.
  • Price – Initial cost plus ongoing maintenance and consumable costs. Balance capabilities with budget.
  • Footprint – Larger systems take up more factory floor space. Consider available space.
  • Ease of use – Software and controls should be intuitive for operators. Extensive training adds costs.
  • Company reputation and support – Established vendors offer better support and are less risky.

Considering these factors will help identify the right X-ray system that meets inspection requirements within budget constraints.

The latest trends in X-ray PCB inspection machines

Here are some of the latest trends emerging in X-ray PCB inspection machine technology:

  • Higher resolutions – Newer microfocus X-ray sources allow sub-micron resolution imaging to detect even microscopic defects.
  • Faster line scan rates – High speed line scan cameras reach speeds of over 200mm/second conveyor movement allowing rapid inspection.
  • Integrated 3D inspection – 3D X-ray imaging is being integrated into inspection processes for complete board visualization.
  • AI-enabled defect recognition – Machine learning is being applied to automate analysis and identify defects without operator input.
  • Large panel inspection – Larger conveyors and scanning areas are being developed to handle PCB panels over 2×2 feet.
  • Dual angle inspection – Adding ability to scan boards from multiple angles gives more complete inspection.
  • Inline integration – X-ray systems are being integrated into manufacturing lines for live in-process quality control.
  • Cloud-based imaging – Scanned images are being uploaded to the cloud for remote analysis and data analytics.
  • Virtual reality visualization – Scanned 3D board data can be viewed and manipulated in VR for immersive inspection.
  • Automated reporting tools – Systems generate inspection reports, trends and analysis without extensive manual work.

These trends aim to make X-ray inspection higher resolution, faster, more automated and a seamless part of the manufacturing process. This allows maximizing quality and minimizing defects.

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