PCB Handling Equipment

There are altogether nearly 30 different types of PCB handling products in our portfolio, Covering each function of SMT line needed that include loader unloader, pcb conveyor, buffer, and turning
machines etc.

No matter what kind of SMT line layout requirements you ask for, we can provide a satisfied and professional proposal for you.

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Circuit Board Handling Solution of PCB Handling Equipment

    SMT Conveyor

    The SMT Conveyor’s portfolio we provided consists of 9 different types. Each type varies from their own purpose of function. For only linkage function, there are inspection and high-end inspection conveyors. For passageway function, there are lift door, drop door and telescopic passageway conveyors. For additional specific function, there are reject, dual-rail, solder infeed & outfeed, and PCB cleaning conveyor.

    PCB Loader & Unloader

    We offer up to ten types of loader or unloader with varied features. For instance, the stacker type model is capable for 400pcs bare board to be delivered with about 10 seconds cycle time. Next, the vacuum type model is designed as another feeding mode compared to stacker, gaining one more option for clients.

    Buffer Conveyor

    There are 4 types of buffer conveyors which are varied as their own functionality. The first one is typical magazine buffer conveyor with six buffer modes available. Secondly, the multi-functional vertical type buffer is more flexibly because of adding optional extended guide rail. Third, NG buffer conveyor, has a classic design of NG/OK function. Lastly, the large cooling buffer is customized to buffer the PCB board and drop its temperature after soldering process.

    PCB Flipper

    The PCB flipper or SMT inverter is widely used to flip double-side PCB board or turning the PCBs direction to exactly right feed it onto the next guide rail of lower machine. The board direction can be turned to 90 degree or 180 degree for dual-side PCBA line.

    PCB Up-Down Lifter

    Automatic Up-down elevator is used for turning vertical height direction of PCB boards onto the guide rail. Equipped with Panasonic PLC control system, ensure the stability of the working performance. Width adjustment system adopts the screw elevator that imported from overseas brand TBI. Different sizes of machine are customized, increased the flexibility to meet varied demand.

    PCB Turning Machine

    PCB turning machine is used for turning the horizontal transmission direction of PCB board in 90 or 180 degree to fit onto the next guide rail, making a right and smooth PCB board transportation on assembly line.

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    ElectronicsTalk aware of this philosophy all the time, like the over 2 decades we are still serving countless individual for their PCB assebly business, check the guide we prepared here for PCB HANDLING.

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    We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value of your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.

    Contact Your PCBA Experts By One Click

    We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.