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Offline SMT AOI

The latest model of off-line AOI can inspect a large range of items, and the minimum component can reach 0201 chip. Besides, it equipped with a wide covered of lighting sources with a high-pixel industrial camera to make a high-quality image.

Also, it can reach a maximum moving speed of 830 millimeters per second with a positioning accuracy of smaller than 8 microns, which ensures its high volume of production capacity.

Then, with an upgraded software system, it can be operated easily and improve the programming method, making the working process more intelligent and flexible.

Customization is always available, please mark down your need when contact us.

Features Of Off Line AOI Machine

1. High-Pixel & High-Speed Industrial Camera

  • High resolution, full-colored, and high-speed industrial digital camera is equipped. Owning a pixel of five million and an optional pixel of 16 or 20 million, which ensures high quality, reliable image shooting and restores a real and natural image effect.
off-line-smt-aoi-feature picture high pixel high speed industrial camera

2. Multi-colored LED Light Sources

  • Adopting multi-angle circular tower-shaped high-brightness long-life LED light source, with excellent positioning ability, can adapt to various PCB boards, including the situation without MARK point.
off-line-smt-aoi-feature picture multi colored led light sources

3. Internal Structure of Equipment

  • As the below photo shown, all of Imported electric components are used into for assembly of this SMT AOI, which ensures high stability and performance.
off line smt aoi feature picture internal structure of equipment

4. Multi-modes Working Station

  • Using only one maintenance workstation to check the inspection data from multiple online machines, and the defect details are reported clearly.
off line smt aoi feature picture multi modes working station

5. Emergency Stop Button

  • When there are any emergency situations that happened during production, it is effective to make the machine stop immediately.
off line smt aoi feature picture emergency stop button

Specification Off-Line AOI Machine

ModelOff-line AOI-120D
ApplicationVisual inspection for small PCB or components
Program modeManual programming
Inspection ItemsComponent defect: missing or excessive component, misalignment, uneven, edging, opposite mounting, wrong or bad component etc.
Inspection ItemsSoldering defect: excessive or missing solder, empty soldering, bridging, solder ball, IC NG ,copper stain etc.
Calculation MethodMachine learning, color calculation, color extraction, gray scale operation, image contrast
Inspection ModeOptimized inspection technology covering the whole PCBA board
SPC Statistics FunctionFully record the test data and make analysis, with high flexibility to check production and quality status
Component AngleSupport 0-359 degree angle of rotation£¬minimum angular distance 1 degree angle
Minimum Component0201 chip, 0.1x0.1mm
Camera5 million pix full color high speed industrial digital camera , 20 million pix camera optional
Lens Resolution (Micron)10/15/18/20/25, support customization
Lighting SourceSelf-configurable ring stereo multi-channel color light source, selection depending on application, RGB/RGBW/RGBR/RWBR, coaxial light source or large light source optional
CPUIntel i7, or same level
OSWin 7, 64bit
LanguageChinese/English optional
Access ControlAdministrator, programmer, operator 3 levels access control.
Moving and Inspection ModeAutomatic feeding board, step motor driving PCB to the inspection position under camera light source, camera takes a FOV image to detect
PCB Dimension10x10-120x120£¬ can be customized
PCB Thickness0.3-5.0mm
PCB WeightMax£º3KG
PCB BendingLess than 5mm or 3% of PCB Diagonal length
PCB Component HeightTop£º30mm£¬Bottom£º80mm. Adjustable, can be customized base on request
XY Driving SystemStep motor, precise driving system
XY Moving SpeedMax£º500mm/s
Environment Temperature and Humidity10-35 degree celsius, 35-80£¥ RH (non condensing)
Safety StandardCE safety standard
Optional ConfigurationMaintenance station, offline programming system, SPC servo, bar code system, MES interface


Dimension (LxWxH,mm)650x560x900
Weight (Kg)50

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Contact Your PCBA Experts By One Click

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.