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SDC Systems

The Pixmore Centre
Pixmore Avenue
Telephone: (UK) +44 1462 473 953

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Listing of all 36 news releases from SDC Systems:

Analysis and simulation aid real-time design

Rapita's RapiTime worst-case execution time analysis solutions and VirtualTime "software-in-the-loop" simulation technology are now available from SDC Systems.

News from SDC Systems (14 May 2007)

Hardware development and simulation for FPGAs

Embedded tools and software specialist will exhibit hardware-development platforms for a range of Altera FPGA's and a new simulation technology, which will shorten development time.

News from SDC Systems (21 March 2007)

Design acceleration tools set for launch at AAE-07

At the forthcoming AAE-07, automotive electronics event, SDC Systems will host the UK launch of a range of ASIC and FPGA design acceleration tools.

News from SDC Systems (25 January 2007)

Interface development for automotive electronics

SDC Systems will launch innovative graphical interface development technology at the 2007 Advanced Automotive Electronics Show at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon.

News from SDC Systems (24 January 2007)

XScale boards speed wireless development

Hardware platforms and reference design boards target engineers working to develop wireless systems.

News from SDC Systems (15 January 2007)

Suite speeds real-time Linux development

RTLinuxPro for Windows, from real-time Linux expert FSM Labs, allows any Windows workstation to be used to develop RTLinuxPro hard-real-time applications.

News from SDC Systems ( 9 November 2006)