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DC/DC Convertors

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DC/DC convertors offer high efficiency

Ideal Power's new DC/DC convertors have efficiency ratings of up to 85%, allowing them to work at operating temperatures of -40 to 75C at full load.

News from Ideal Power (17 September 2007)

Convertor delivers 30A output

The current share feature included in the NQ15W50SGA30 enables multiple devices to be connected in parallel to provide higher levels of load current.  Brochure available  

News from SynQor Europe (17 September 2007)

Tiny convertor offers wide voltage range

RP15 - xxxx SA(W) DC/DC convertor can guarantee trouble-free operation at ambient temperatures exceeding 60C, without the need for external cooling measures.

News from PIV Technology (17 September 2007)

DC/DC convertors suit medical applications

Dengrove's compact DC/DC convertors provide the high isolation voltage and extremely small footprint demanded by applications in medical instrumentation.

News from Dengrove (14 September 2007)

Power module suits suits MicroTCA standard

The ROA 117 5078/1 is a high-density, high-efficiency power module using DC/DC conversion based on synchronous rectification.

News from Ericsson Power Modu