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6 Regent Park
Booth Drive
Telephone: (UK) +44 1933 402255

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Listing of all 11 news releases from IMS Research:

Big three dominate automotive LED market

Osram, Nichia and Lumileds dominate the market for LEDs supplied to the global car industry, accounting to more than 50% of the market between them.

News from IMS Research (21 January 2008)

Automotive sector to see huge LED growth

The LED value from external automotive lamps is predicted to rise from a third of the LED total to over a half by 2013.

News from IMS Research (17 December 2007)

Backlighting semiconductors set for boom

IMS Research believes that LCD TVs and PC notebooks will drive the market for LEDs in backlighting, together with the associated LED driver ICs and ambient light sensors.

News from IMS Research (20 August 2007)