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Mini-PCI card hosts WiMAX CPE development

Mini-PCI board provides advanced WiMAX features such as support for UL subchannelisation which significantly improves performance for indoor modems.

News from Wavesat (20 September 2007)

USB device brings wireless connectivity

The USB Serial Port Adapter automatically installs itself as a virtual COM port when connected to a computer.

News from connectBlue (19 September 2007)

Transmitter/receiver handles long ranges

The GT2D is suited to applications requiring a high-integrity wireless connection or where multiple wireless connections are required at the same time.

News from MK Consultants (17 September 2007)

Spectrum analyser reduces costs

R and S FSG spectrum analyser is suited to the general analysis of digitally modulated signals.

News from Rohde and Schwarz (17 September 2007)

HSDPA modules offer 3.6Mbit/s data speeds

The Siemens HC15 and HC25 from TDC allow data to be transmitted and received at up to three times the speed of ISDN.

News from TDC (Telecom Design Communications) (10 September 2007)

Adapter supports FTP and OPP profiles