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Spread-spectrum devices aid condition monitoring

 User application article   Nanotron has provided the wireless component for the first energy-independent condition monitoring system with wireless data transmission.

News from Nanotron Technologies (11 May 2007)

Amplifiers lead microwave expansion

Competitively priced solid-state Ku band amplifier modules target growing market for VSAT (very small aperture terminal) satellite communication systems.

News from C-Mac Micro Technology ( 9 May 2007)

Transceivers work in both UHF and VHF ranges

The NL5000 family of transceivers provide increased throughput.

News from RF Neulink, Division of RF Industries ( 7 May 2007)

M2M module boosts automotive security

 User application article   AutoGuard and Insurance uses the GE864 M2M module to power its vehicle protection and monitoring products.

News from Telit Communications ( 4 May 2007)

Miniature radio module operates at low power

A miniature 868MHz OEM RF module is for use with battery powered equipment.

News from One RF Technology ( 1 May 2007)