Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine – 350mm

With the same level of configuration as the WS-450, but it has a less weight and lower power consumption due to shorter effective length.

Using different solder pot material, chain claw than the WS-450 and adopting manual spray fill flux system, it is a lower budget than the WS-450. What’s more, a maximum PCB width of 350mm can totally satisfy the common size of PCBs.

Spray nozzle driving by Servo motor will be guided speeding and frequency according to the PCB dimension. Using inverter for solder wave, it is easy to obtain energy that saved by independent driver and board sensor when PCB board is entering.

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Benefits of Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machines

Compared to lead soldering, lead-free wave systems provide:

Improved Quality and Reliability

Lead-free solders can produce better joint strength and electrical connectivity when properly controlled. This boosts PCB quality.

Regulatory Compliance

Most electronics ban lead due to its toxicity. Lead-free systems meet RoHS and other environmental regulations.

Reduced Health Hazards

Exposure to lead can cause serious health problems. Lead-free solder eliminates this risk for workers and consumers.

Increased Productivity

Advanced lead-free machines allow fast processing of high-volume PCB production. This increases manufacturing throughput.

Cost Savings

The long-term savings from regulatory compliance and improved quality outweigh lead-free soldering costs.

Types of Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machines

Manual Lead-Free Machines

Basic manual units allow operator control of conveyor speed and solder pot parameters. They are low-cost for prototype runs.

Automatic Lead-Free Machines

Advanced systems feature computer-controlled automation for all settings like speed, fluxing, preheating, etc. Ideal for mass production.

In-Line Lead-Free Machines

In-line machines integrate directly into the assembly line workflow before and after other processes like SMT placement.

Off-Line Lead-Free Machines

Users must manually load/unload boards in batches for stand-alone offline machines. Better for lower volumes.

How to Choose the Right Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine

Consider the following when selecting a lead-free wave soldering system:

Board Size and Type

Ensure the system accommodates the dimensions and design of your PCBs. The conveyor width must match.

Speed and Accuracy Requirements

Evaluate production speed needs and the precision of process control required. Faster lines need more advanced automation.

Budget Available

Manual lead-free machines are more affordable for lower volumes. Automated systems offer better quality and throughput for high-volume production.

Features of Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine

1. Wave Soldering Furnace System

  • The wave soldering furnace is designed with the principle of towing welding to reduce the occurrence of air welding
  • Tin wave fast and short distance spray tin spray, discharge the bubble
  • Tin wave after a large and smooth spray of tin liquid, increase the contact area of tin liquid and parts foot, to prevent the phenomenon of air welding and continuous welding
  • The first wave peak nozzle design uses hydrodynamics to produce columnar jet wave peak, reduce the surface tension of liquefied metal, solve the leakage welding of element and the welding shadow of SMD element
  • Second smooth wave nozzles have no impulse design, which can adjust the welding area, flow rate and time

2. Automatic Flux Addition System

  • The automatic flux addition system can reduce the waste caused by artificial flux.

3. Friendly Interface System

  • Windows series control system, user-friendly interface with simply English and Chinese language alternative is selective, which is very convenient to operate.
  • Enable the function of displaying various faults and automatically storing the alarm list.

Specification of Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine

Run Power7kw
Total Power21kw
Control MethodPC/Touch screen/Key board
PowerAC380V, 50 HZ, 3 phase
Spray System
Drive TypeStep motor
Spray Pressure0.3-0.5MPa
Spray WashAuto wash
Flux Control0-100ml adjustable
Auto Fill FluxManual (Option Auto)
ExhaustTop Exhaust
Ducting Dimension200mm (Diameter)
Preheater System
Preheating ModeHot air
Preheating Zone number3
Preheating Length1800mm
Preheating TemperatureRoom temp - 200 Celsius degree
Warm Up TimeApprox. 15min
Conveyor System
PCB Width50-350mm
PCB DirectionL to R/R to L
Conveyor Speed0-2000mm/min
Conveyor Angle3 degree - 7 degree
Conveyor Height750+20mm
PCB HeightTop 120mm, bottom 20mm
Speed ControlFrequency governor
Chain ClawDouble hook short titanium claw
Pot System
Solder Pot Material316SUS (option:Titanium or nodular iron)
Solder Wave DriverMotor driver
Solder Heater TypeExternal heating
Solder Warm Up TimeApprox. 120min
Pot Power13.5kw
Pot TemperatureHighest 320 Celsius degree
Pot Capacity350-400kg
Wave Motor Power1/2HPx2, 3p220VAC
Cooling System
Cooling MethodForced air cooling
Finger Cleaning SystemAuto
Centre Support SystemOption
UPS Protection SystemOption
Top Pre-heaterOption
N2 SystemOption
Dual-rail SystemOption

Dimension of Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine

Outline Dimension (LxWxH, mm)4300x1320x1750
Body Dimension (LxWxH, mm)3600x1320x1750
Weigh (Kg)1200


Lead-free wave soldering machines enable the assembling of PCBs without hazardous lead. They improve quality, compliance, productivity, and costs. Manufacturers can choose the perfect lead-free soldering machine by considering board design, volumes, and budget among many options. Investing in the right lead-free soldering automation pays dividends across production, safety, and environmental metrics.


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