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SMT Reflow Oven – 10 / 12 Zones

Basic Description

High production capacity, the normal production chain speed up to 1500mm/min, low energy consumption, new thermal engineering management system, effective reduction of cost, professional corresponding high precision production and high precision PCB process.

This type is our best SMT reflow oven, which ensures the ability of high temperature control, and you could found the setting temperature and actual temperature difference within + 1℃.

Super fast heating capacity, the difference of adjacent temperature difference is less than 100 degrees.

The latest insulation technology plus a new furnace design ensures that the furnace temperature zone can make the nitrogen concentration range 50 – 200 PPM (option).

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1. Central Support System (Option)

  • Ensure a stable and precision control of conveyor movement as well as preventing the PCB deformation, enable to support the guide rail to maximally meet different requirements of soldering production.

2. Nitrogen System (Option)

  • Improving higher soldering quality by the way of decreasing the oxidation during the process, it can also solve the issues such as solder balls, solder bridge and accelerate wetting speed.

3. Dual Rail System (Option)

  • Dual-rail production is optional, expanding double times of production capacity with the expenditure of one machine, which save the SMT line footprint and other operating costs.

4. Patented Micro-circulation System

  • Micro-circulation system ensure average temperature in the furnace and can effectively reduce influence of temperature field on the welding spot.
  • It has a good performance of same direction and different properties. It effectively solves the problems of unevenly distributed air of traditional filter network. As a result, it can prevent occurrence of non-heated area and shadow resulting reflection.

5. Cooling Technology

  • The latest cooling technology can be cooled by two sides. The maximum cooling length is 1100mm, which ensures fast cooling and minimum outlet temperature.


Heating Zone System
Number of Heating ZoneTop12/Bottom12Top10/Bottom10
Length of Heating Zone4560mm3860mm
Number of Cooling ZoneTop2/Bottom2Top2/Bottom2
Exhaust Volume11M3/minX211M3/minX2
Warming TimeApprox. 20minApprox. 20min
Conveying System
Maximum Width of PCB50-500mm50-500mm
Rail Width Range50-400mm50-400mm
PCB Component HeightTop30/Bottom25mmTop30/Bottom25mm
PCB Transmission AgentChain+MeshChain+Mesh
Conveying Speed0-2000mm/min0-2000mm/min
Conveying Height900+/-20mm900+/-20mm
Conveying DirectionL to R/R to LL to R/R to L
Conveyor Rail FixedFront rail fixed(option: rear rial fixed)Front rail fixed(option: rear rial fixed)
Control System
Temp-Control ModePID Full-closed loop control + SSR DriverPID Full-closed loop control + SSR Driver
Temp-Control RangeIndoor Temp-320 Celsius degreeIndoor Temp-320 Celsius degree
Temp-Control Accuracy+/- 1 Celsius degree+/- 1 Celsius degree
PCB Temp-Deviation+/- 2 Celsius degree+/- 2 Celsius degree
Cooling ModeForced wind cooling (chiller cooling optional)Forced wind cooling (chiller cooling optional)
Power System
Initial Power62KW56KW
Run Power12KW10KW
Power Requirement3Phase 380V 50/60HZ3Phase 380V 50/60HZ
Abnormal AlarmExtra-high temp or extra-low temp alarmExtra-high temp or extra-low temp alarm
Signal TowerThree lightThree light
Nitrogen SystemNitrogen gas machine, machine type plus N, standard for nitrogen seal structure and pipeline, nitrogen flow meter, chillerOptional
Central SupportWith central support, no netOptional
Dual Rail TransportDual-rail model, plus D, standard for 1, 4 fixed and 2, 3 for active; PCB width is unilateral 250mmOptional


Dimension (LxWxH,mm)6200x1400/1580x15505600x1400x1550
Weight (kg)24002200

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