CY-330C / 460C PCB Cleaning Conveyor


  • SMEMA compatible

  • Small machine footprint

  • User friendly control panel

  • Drawer design, convenient maintenance

  • Enclosed design ensures highest level of operations security

  • Multiple dust elimination design, dedusting efficient can reach 99%

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What is a PCB cleaning conveyor?

A PCB cleaning conveyor is an engineered system designed to automatically clean printed circuit boards (PCBs) during the electronics assembly process. They transport PCBs through cleaning stations to remove contaminants.

The importance of cleanliness in electronics assembly

Maintaining PCB cleanliness is crucial for proper functioning and reliability of assembled electronic products. PCB cleaning conveyors provide consistent, automated cleaning inline with no impact on throughput.

How PCB cleaning conveyors contribute to superior product performance

By eliminating even microscopic residue through automated cleaning, these conveyors prevent premature field failures and performance issues caused by contamination. This results in robust, high-quality electronics.

Understanding PCB Cleaning Conveyors

Definition and basic components

PCB cleaning conveyors comprise a conveyor belt to transport boards through cleaning zones, a variety of cleaning systems, drying equipment and controls to automate cleaning parameters.

Conveyor belt materials and design considerations

Belts utilize non-absorbent, chemical resistant materials. Cleated belt profiles provide positive control of PCBs during cleaning.

Cleaning methods and technologies employed

Aqueous cleaning, solvent cleaning, plasma/ionized gas cleaning, laser cleaning etc. are commonly employed inline cleaning techniques.

Adjustable cleaning parameters for different PCB types

Dwell times in cleaning zones, conveyor speeds, cleaning agent concentration etc. can be programmed based on the PCB type and process needs.

Integration with other assembly line equipment

Adapters enable integration of cleaning conveyors with upstream and downstream processes like soldering, coating and inspection stations.

Working principle and operation

PCBs are automatically indexed into the cleaning conveyor from production lines. As PCBs traverse through cleaning zones, contaminants are removed via spray/immersion methods before drying and exiting.

Benefits of Using PCB Cleaning Conveyors

Removal of contaminants and residues for reliable operation

Automated cleaning removes microscopic contaminants that can lead to circuit shorts/failures in assembled electronics.

Prevention of defects and malfunctions in electronic components

Inline cleaning prevents field issues like corrosion, dendritic growth, surface leakage current etc. caused by residues.

Increased product lifespan and customer satisfaction

By producing contamination-free PCBs, cleaning conveyors ensure longer-lasting, robust products and satisfied customers.

Compliance with industry cleanliness standards

These systems allow manufacturers to meet the stringent cleanliness benchmarks set by standards like IPC and MIL-STD.

Key Features of PCB Cleaning Conveyors

Conveyor belt materials and design considerations

Belts utilize non-porous materials resistant to cleaning agents. Cleated profiles provide positive control of PCBs during cleaning.

Cleaning methods and technologies employed

Aqueous, solvent, plasma and laser cleaning techniques are commonly employed depending on the application.

Adjustable cleaning parameters for different PCB types

Dwell times, conveyor speeds, water temperatures and cleaning agent concentrations can be programmed based on PCB type.

Integration with other assembly line equipment

Easy integration with upstream/downstream processes is enabled using communication protocols like SMEMA.

Images and diagrams of different types of PCB cleaning conveyors

Spray-in-place, immersion type, ultrasonic cleaning conveyors, and continuous loop conveyors are some common configurations.

Industries and Applications

Electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly

PCB cleaning conveyors are indispensable for producing contamination-free boards across all electronics sectors.

Medical device production

Stringent cleanliness requirements in medical electronics make inline cleaning crucial prior to conformal coating.

Aerospace and defense electronics

Mission-critical defense and aerospace applications rely on these systems to eliminate even slight traces of flux residues.

Case studies of how PCB cleaning conveyors have been used in real-world applications

Case studies showcase benefits like improved first-pass yields, reduced field failure rates and faster rework in applications ranging from automotive electronics to avionics.

Choosing the Right PCB Cleaning Conveyor

Evaluating specific cleanliness requirements

The type and amount of residue to be removed guides the choice of aqueous vs solvent cleaning methods.

Considering production line speed and volume

Belt widths, number of cleaning zones, dwell times and cycle times are scaled to match production throughput.

Customization options for unique manufacturing needs

Custom conveyor lengths, cleaning agent chemistry, enclosed models and added drying capacity can be incorporated as needed.

Budget and ROI considerations

While customized systems are costlier, the long-term savings from improved quality and reliability justify the investment.

Installation and Maintenance

Pre-installation preparations and site evaluation

Utilities like DI water, compressed air supply, waste collection and sufficient room for ancillary equipment setup are ensured.

Proper conveyor integration with the production line

Experienced technicians ensure optimal integration, conveyor alignment and calibration during installation.

Routine maintenance to ensure optimal cleaning performance

Consumables replenishment, belt cleaning, mechanism lubrication form part of routine maintenance procedures.

Troubleshooting common issues and solutions

Clogged nozzles, low pressure faults, chemical concentration deviations and mechanical jams are promptly addressed.

Comparing PCB Cleaning Conveyors with Manual Cleaning Methods

Hand cleaning vs. automated cleaning conveyors

Manual methods are slow, inconsistent, labor-intensive and unable to handle high volumes versus automated cleaning.

Advantages of automated cleaning in terms of efficiency and consistency

Automated conveyor based cleaning ensures every board is cleaned consistently in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Environmental and safety benefits of automated cleaning systems

Enclosed automated cleaning conveyors minimize exposure of operators to harsh chemicals versus manual cleaning.

Ensuring Safety and Environmental Compliance

Operator safety measures during maintenance and operation

PPE, access interlocks, equipment training and SOPs for chemical handling promote worker safety.

Waste management and eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Recycling solutions, responsible chemical disposal and transitioning to safer aqueous cleaning solutions ensure sustainability.

Meeting regulatory requirements for waste disposal and emissions

Adherence to local environmental regulations and permitting requirements for disposal of cleaning effluents is maintained.


Specification of CY-330C / 460C PCB Cleaning Conveyor

DescriptionDedusting surface foreign substance & eliminate static electricity
Speed0-9M/min adjustable
PCB thickness0.6-5mm
Power supplyAC 110/220 volts; single phase
PowerMax. 100VA
Air pressure and consumption4-6 bar; max. 48ltr/min
Transport height900 +/- 20mm (support customization)
Transport directionL to R/R to L

Dimension of CY-330C / 460C PCB Cleaning Conveyor

(LxWxH, mm)
PCB board size
(LxWxH, mm)


Recap of the significance of PCB cleaning conveyors in electronics manufacturing

PCB cleaning conveyors enable automated, consistent and high-throughput cleaning of PCBs prior to downstream assembly processes in electronics manufacturing.

Emphasizing their role in ensuring impeccable quality and reliability

By eliminating microscopic contaminants through inline cleaning, these systems play an indispensable role in minimizing defects and ensuring the reliability of finished electronic products.

Encouraging electronics manufacturers to embrace PCB cleaning conveyors for enhanced product performance and customer satisfaction

The numerous benefits make integrating PCB cleaning conveyors an essential step for electronics producers looking to manufacture robust, high-quality products, reduce failures and returns, and maximize customer satisfaction.


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