PCB Coating Machine – CC600

The model of CC-600 aims at the application scenarios of lower production capacity requirement with less function available when compared with other two models. It’s because it has a maximum running speed of 600 millimeter per second which is lower than the other two. And it still use manual adjustment method with less efficiency.

However, it is still a standard equipment that carries 2 valves at the same time, which can realize 00-450 deflection. In addition, the 2 valves can realize auto-switching and matching of spraying action that achieve high-density circuit board spraying and dispensing process.

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Features of PCB Coating Machine – CC600

1. High-precision Selective Coating System

  • The machine can reach efficient positioning to avoid spraying outside the selected area, so as to exempt from the repairing coating process.

2. Software Programming

  • It supports CAD import, offline programming, and teaching programming, which is easy to learn and simple to operate. It will take only 5 to 10 minutes for a program.

3. Liquid Level Alarm

  • It is applicable for automatically reminder and alarm when the glue is running out, which is humanized.

4. Automatic Cleaning

  • With automatically valve dipping and cleaning function, reducing the operating cost.

Specification of PCB Coating Machine – CC600

Equipment PlatformN.A.
Control MethodIndustrial computer + motion control card
Operating MethodComputer control
Programming ModeManual teaching
Running Programming Storage QuantityMore than 1000
PCB Transfer Height920 +/- 20mm
PCB Width Range50 - 450mm
Transfer DirectionL to R (R to L)
Adjust the Driving MethodStepper motor + double precision screw drive
Adjustment MethodManual adjustment
Transmission MotorAC220V 60W
Transportation SpeedGovernor control 0-1350rpm/adjustable
X.Y-axis Drive ModeServo motor + electric cylinder drive
X.Y-axis Maximum Running Speed600mm/s
X.Y-axis Positioning Accuracy+/- 0.02mm
Z/U-axis Drive ModeJapan Fuji servo motor + precision screw module drive
Z/U-axis Positioning Accuracy+/- 0.02mm
Z- axis Maximum Running Speed300mm/s
Valve Up and Down2 double-rod cylinders
Valve DetectionN.A.
Valve Rotation AngleN.A.
Valve Tilt AngleN.A.
Valve Type1 small mist flower valve, 1 dispensing valve
PCB Board SizeMax. W450mm*L450mm
Max. PCB Component Height+/- 100mm
Atomized Spray Width5-10mm
Atomized Spray Thickness0.03-1mm
Needle Nozzle Size of Needle Dispensing Valve0.8mm
Edge Definition+/- 0.5mm
Communication PortSMEMA
Tank VolumeA 10 L stainless steel inner bucket with stirring function pressure tank + A 2L stainless steel cleaning pressure tank
Cleaning FunctionThe equipment comes with a cleaning function
Lighting SectionEquipment comes with lighting source
Detection PartThe equipment comes with a UV detection light source
Power SupplyAC220V 750W 50HZ
Gas Source4-6kgf/cm2
Exhaust Volume900m3/H(150*1)
Total Power1.8KW
Option ItemsBar Code Scanning Function; CCD Version Positioning Function; Electric Amplitude Modulation Method

Dimension of PCB Coating Machine – CC600

Dimension (LxWxH, mm)1060x1300x1700
Weight (Kg)500

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Contact Your PCBA Experts By One Click

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.