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PCB Coating Machine – CC800

The selective conformal coating machine of CC-800 is one of the main products that Electronicstalk recommends to our customers, it owns high accuracy, high speed, and stable working efficiency. Since the reliable mechanical performance, it is able to compete with any other machines in the same class over the world.

Regarding to its working method, it has an operating accuracy of 20 micron, which can automatically eliminate errors. Besides, it uses the triaxial motion of X, Y, Z, and the selective spraying process of various PCB board can be accurately realized to avoid non-coated areas such as connectors. Besides, it adopts with 2 stepper motors in transportation, reaching high precision movement level and has a maximum 15000 millimeter per minute, which ensures a fast and accurate working flow.

Equipped with automatic width adjustment and narrow function (the width of input board can be automatically adjusted in place). Also, the software program has automatic programming of data input, which can manually inputs any track automatic programming mode.

Customization is always available, please mark down your need when contact us.

Feature of PCB Coating Machine – CC800

1. Three-axis Motion System

  • Adopt X, Y, Z three-axis motion system, accurately realize the selective spraying process of various circuit boards with an intelligent automatic avoiding of non-effective area.
  • The screw module is imported and also equipped with Panasonic servo motor, provide high movement precision.
pcb conformal coating selective conformal coaitng machine feature three axis motion system

2. Multi-track Spraying Function

  • It can realize multi-track spraying such as dot coating, linear spraying, curved spraying, etc., and can complete the complex and high-density PCB board spraying process.
pcb conformal coating selective conformal coaitng machine feature multi track spraying system

3. Automatic Width Adjustment Function

  • The device has an intelligent automatic width adjustment function, the width would be automatically adjusted when inputting the data of board width.
  • Chain design: unique double-layer chain design, no plate falling, no jamming, avoid glue spraying into the chain guide rail, easy to clean.

4. Environmental Protection System

  • The coating machine adopts with an ultra-quiet vortex fan equipped with a special waste recovery box activated carbon air purification device to ensure the safety of the workshop and employees.

Specification of PCB Coating Machine – CC800

Equipment PlatformT20 mm steel plate chrome plated
Control MethodIndustrial computer + motion control card
Operating MethodComputer control
Programming ModeManual teaching
Running Programming Storage QuantityMore than 1000
PCB Transfer Height920 +/- 20mm
PCB Width Range50 - 450mm
Transfer DirectionL to R (R to L)
Adjust the Driving MethodStepper motor + double precision screw drive
Adjustment MethodIntelligent automatic adjustment
Transmission Motor2 stepper motors
Transportation Speed0-5000mm/min
X.Y-axis Drive ModeJapan Fuji servo motor + precision screw module drive
X.Y-axis Maximum Running Speed800mm/s
X.Y-axis Positioning Accuracy+/- 0.02mm
Z/U-axis Drive ModeJapan Fuji servo motor + precision screw module drive
Z/U-axis Positioning Accuracy+/- 0.02mm
Z- axis Maximum Running Speed300mm/s
Valve Up and Down2 slide cylinder drives
Valve DetectionN.A.
Valve Rotation AngleN.A.
Valve Tilt AngleN.A.
Valve Type1 small mist flower valve, 1 dispensing valve
PCB Board SizeMax. W450mm*L450mm
Max. PCB Component Height+/- 100mm
Atomized Spray Width5-8mm
Atomized Spray Thickness0.03-1mm
Needle Nozzle Size of Needle Dispensing Valve0.8mm
Edge Definition+/- 0.5mm
Communication PortSMEMA
Tank VolumeA 10 L stainless steel inner bucket with stirring function pressure tank + A 2L stainless steel cleaning pressure tank
Cleaning FunctionThe equipment comes with a cleaning function
Lighting SectionEquipment comes with lighting source
Detection PartThe equipment comes with a UV detection light source
Power SupplyAC220V 750W 50HZ
Gas Source4-6kgf/cm2
Exhaust Volume900m3/H(150*1)
Total Power1.8KW
Option ItemsBar Code Scanning Function; CCD Version Positioning Function; Electric Amplitude Modulation Method

Dimension of PCB Coating Machine – CC800

Dimension (LxWxH, mm)1060x1200x1700
Weight (Kg)500

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.