soldering machine reflow oven 10 zone

Lead Free Reflow Oven – 8 Zone

The 8 zone reflow oven is the most cost-effective model with long heating length and high conveying speed, owning medium to high production volume. High-precision control mode, maintain a stable and accurate temperature control system.

Adjustable temperature control ability and the blower speed of control separately, it can meet the high precision soldering requirements. Using the windows XP operating system, English and Chinese interface is available.

And it has a step forced cooling system, which can easily achieve the requirements of strict lead-free processes. The track are made of special alum with high rigidity accuracy and intensity.

Customization is always available, please mark down your need when contact us.

Features Of Lead Free Reflow Oven

1. Hot Air Motor And Special Heat Wire

  • Long axis high temperature motor has the characteristics of automatic cooling, long lasting performance and low noise.
  • Specially-made heating wire takes the advantage of star heating body with special coiling. It has the characteristics of quick heating, long lasting performance and low heat inertia.
soldering-machine-reflow oven feature hot air motor and special heat wire

2. Cooling System

  • Strong inner-circle refrigeration system, reliable and stable.
soldering machine reflow oven feature cooling system

3. Guide Rail Width Adjustment

  • In-phase gear width-adjusting system, ensure guide rail parallel.
soldering machine reflow oven feature guide rail width adjustment

4. New Design Independent Circulation

  • Lead-free soldering new designed independent wind blower and hot-air reflow circulation.
soldering-machine-reflow oven feature new designed new type of independent nozzle

5. PC+PLC Control System

  • The digital control adopted with PC+PLC control system to maintain stable and repeat position accuracy. Moreover, all major parts are originally imported from the famous brands in the world which has guaranteed the machine is durable and reliable.

Lead-Free Reflow Ovens

Lead-free reflow ovens are specially designed to achieve reflow soldering using lead-free solder alloys. They adhere to regulations limiting lead usage while enabling high-quality soldering. This article provides an overview of lead-free reflow ovens and key factors to consider when implementing lead-free soldering.

Key Features of Lead-Free Reflow Ovens

Lead-free reflow ovens contain specialized features including:

Heating Zones

Multiple independently controlled heating zones ensure even heating across the oven.

Heating Elements

High watt density infrared heating elements quickly generate necessary heat.

Conveyor System

A stable, adjustable conveyor transports boards through the oven.

Temperature Control

Precise temperature control accommodates lead-free soldering’s higher melting temperatures.

Cooling System

Controlled cooling prevents damage to boards after peak temperatures.

Control Unit

The control unit manages profiles, zones, conveyors, and other parameters.

Advantages of Lead-Free Reflow Ovens

Lead-free reflow ovens provide several benefits:

Environmental Compliance

They meet lead-reduction regulations for electronics manufacturing.

Health and Safety

Eliminating lead exposure improves worker and user health.

Global Acceptance

Lead-free electronics can be sold in all major world markets.

Considerations for Lead-Free Reflow Ovens

However, some important factors should be considered:

Temperature Profiles

Profiles must be tuned for higher melting lead-free solders.

Component Compatibility

All components must withstand higher soldering temperatures.

Quality Control

Tighter process controls are needed to limit soldering defects.

Comparison to Leaded Reflow Ovens

Key differences from leaded reflow ovens:

Higher peak temperatures required

Longer preheat stages needed

Nitrogen atmosphere useful for defect reduction

More control zones for even heating

Enhanced cooling capabilities

Lead-free solders, components, and PCBs

Selecting a Lead-Free Reflow Oven

When selecting a lead-free reflow oven, consider:

Production Volume

Match capacity to current and future production needs.

Board Size

Ensure the oven accommodates the largest board dimensions.


Allocating sufficient budget for proper lead-free oven capabilities.

Experience Level

Lead-free reflow ovens require expertise to implement effectively.

Using a Lead-Free Reflow Oven

Best practices for using lead-free reflow ovens:

Loading Boards

Use proper fixturing and spacing for even heating.

Setting Profiles

Create carefully tuned custom reflow profiles.

Monitoring Progress

Inspect in-process reflow to catch any issues early.

Cool Down

Controlled cooling prevents damage from thermal shocks.


Proactively identify and resolve any process issues.

Lead-Free Reflow Process

Key elements of lead-free reflow process:

Lead-Free Solder

Lead-free solders like SAC alloys matched to the oven’s capabilities.


Using flux designed for lead-free reflow.


Nitrogen atmosphere can reduce soldering defects.

Defect Detection

Inspect for common lead-free defects like head-in-pillow.

Applications of Lead-Free Reflow Ovens

Lead-free reflow ovens are used extensively:

Consumer Electronics

All modern consumer electronics must meet lead-free requirements.


Environmental regulations drive auto manufacturers to lead-free electronics.

Aerospace and Defense

Mission-critical aerospace and military applications are lead-free.

Medical Devices

Stringent regulations mandate lead-free electronics in medical devices.

Future Outlook for Lead-Free Reflow

Emerging trends in lead-free reflow include:

Continued improvement of lead-free solders and process knowledge.

More affordable lead-free capable ovens.

Tighter process controls and automation.

Advances in inline inspection for defects.

Hybrid leaded and lead-free production capabilities.

Specification Of Lead Free Reflow Oven

Heating Zone System
Number of Heating ZoneTop8/Bottom8Top8/Bottom8Top8/Bottom8
Length of Heating Zone3160mm2800mm2800mm
Number of Cooling ZoneTop2/Bottom2Top1/Bottom1Top1/Bottom1
Exhaust Volume10M3/minX210M3/minX210M3/minX2
Warming TimeApprox. 20minApprox. 20minApprox. 20min
Conveying System
Maximum Width of PCB50-500mm50-450mm50-600/700/800mm
Rail Width Range50-400mm50-370mm50-500/600/700mm
PCB Component HeightTop30/Bottom25mmTop30/Bottom25mmTop30/Bottom25mm
PCB Transmission AgentChain+MeshChain+MeshMesh
Conveying Speed0-1800mm/min0-1800mm/min0-1800mm/min
Conveying Height900+/-20mm900+/-20mm900+/-20mm
Conveying DirectionL to R/R to LL to R/R to LL to R/R to L
Conveyor Rail FixedFront rail fixed(option: rear rial fixed)Front rail fixed(option: rear rial fixed)Front rail fixed(option: rear rial fixed)
Control System
Temp-Control ModePID Full-closed loop control + SSR DriverPID Full-closed loop control + SSR DriverPID Full-closed loop control + SSR Driver
Temp-Control RangeIndoor Temp-320 Celsius degreeIndoor Temp-320 Celsius degreeIndoor Temp-320 Celsius degree
Temp-Control Accuracy+/-1 Celsius degree+/-1 Celsius degree+/-1 Celsius degree
PCB Temp-Deviation+/-2 Celsius degree+/-2 Celsius degree+/-2 Celsius degree
Cooling ModeForced wind coolingForced wind coolingForced wind cooling
Power System
Initial Power36KW32KW48KW
Run Power7KW6.5KW8KW
Power Requirement3Phase 380V 50/60HZ3Phase 380V 50/60HZ3Phase 380V 50/60HZ
Abnormal AlarmExtra-high temp or extra-low temp alarmExtra-high temp or extra-low temp alarmExtra-high temp or extra-low temp alarm
Signal TowerThree lightThree lightThree light

Dimension Of Lead Free Reflow Oven

Dimension (LxWxH,mm)5000x1200x15504600x1000x15504600x1500x1550
Weight (kg)180012001600



Lead-free reflow ovens enable modern electronics assembly while adhering to environmental regulations and delivering high reliability and performance. As lead-free requirements expand globally, these specialized ovens will become standard equipment in electronics manufacturing facilities.

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