Cheap Reflow Oven – 6 Zone

This type of Reflow oven with competitive price, and also the heating components adopt imported high quality components to ensure stability and reliability of the whole system, and ensure the long running life.

What’s more, combined with the special PID fuzzy control function of the thermostat, the change of temperature and the heat value has been monitored and the heat device is controlled by the minimum pulse.

The temperature control precision is ensured, the temperature distribution in the machine is very small, and the temperature distribution in the length direction meets the IPC standard.

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Features of Cheap Reflow Oven – 6 Zone

1. Imported Electric Control Parts

  • Full imported electric components from high-end brand, ensuring the reliability of control.

2. Reliable Heating System

  • The heating system adopts unique patent heating technology. The imported large current solid state relay has no contact output, and it is safe and reliable.
  • Also, it is equipped with a special SSR radiator. The heat dissipation efficiency is greatly improved and the long service life is extended effectively.

3. Intelligent PID Controller

  • The computer + PID intelligent operation precision controller, through the PID intelligent operation, automatically controls the heat.
  • The fuzzy control function fastest response to the external heat change and through the internal control to ensure the temperature more balanced.

Cheap Reflow Oven

Cheap Reflow ovens provide an affordable option for small-scale PCB assembly and prototyping. They allow soldering SMD components using the reflow soldering process without investing in an industrial oven. While limited in certain aspects, cheap reflow ovens can be highly useful for hobbyists, students, and small businesses when used appropriately.

Key Features of Cheap Reflow Ovens

Some key features of cheap reflow ovens:

Heating Elements

Most cheap reflow ovens use tubular metal heating rods. Some may use quartz infrared heaters for faster heating.

Temperature Controls

Basic PID temperature controllers are commonly used to control power to the heating elements based on thermocouple feedback.

Size and Portability

Cheap reflow ovens are relatively compact in size and many have portable designs for tabletop use.

Advantages of Cheap Reflow Ovens

Some advantages of using cheap reflow ovens:


They provide reflow capabilities at a fraction of the cost of industrial ovens.

Simplicity of Use

Cheap ovens have simple controls and processes suitable for non-experts.


Their small size and portability allows use in different locations when needed.

Limitations of Cheap Reflow Ovens

Some limitations to consider:

Temperature Uniformity

Limited heating zones can result in uneven heating across the oven.

Cycle Time

Slow heating and cool down increases cycle times compared to industrial ovens.


Build quality may be lower than commercial ovens, reducing lifespan.

Selecting a Cheap Reflow Oven

When selecting a cheap reflow oven, consider:

Intended Use

Match the oven size, temperature rating, and features to your specific needs.


Cheap ovens range from $200 to $2000+; set a budget aligned with your capabilities.

Size and Portability

Consider workspace constraints and if you need to move the oven around.

Using a Cheap Reflow Oven

To use a cheap reflow oven:

Loading Boards

Secure boards properly using fixtures to ensure even heating.

Setting Profiles

Program appropriate temperature profiles for the solder paste being used.

Monitoring Progress

Keep an eye on the process to look for any issues as the boards reflow.

Cool Down

Allow sufficient time for gradual cool down to avoid damage.

Troubleshooting Guide

Some common issues and solutions:

Uneven Heating

– Check board positioning and fixtures

– Consider oven modifications to improve air circulation

Slow Heating/Cooling

– Reduce batch size if overloading the oven

– Check for adequate space around the oven for ventilation

Solder Defects

– Adjust the temperature profile settings

– Use higher quality solder paste matched to the oven

Safety Considerations

Exercise caution when using cheap reflow ovens:

– Ensure electrical safety and fire hazard precautions

– Allow only trained users to operate

– Keep away from flammable materials

– Allow oven to cool fully before handling

Case Study: Small Business Using Cheap Reflow Oven

One small electronics business was able to reduce prototyping costs by purchasing a $500 countertop reflow oven. Despite some limitations with cycle time and temperature consistency, the oven enabled them to iterate designs much faster and perform small-scale production runs. Careful fixturing and testing allowed them to produce quality boards. The flexibility and cost savings provided tremendous value to the business.

Resources for Learning About Reflow Ovens

Some helpful resources:

– Online forums like Reddit’s /r/PrintedCircuitBoard

– YouTube tutorials and demonstrations

– Manufacturer documentation for oven models

– Technical articles on engineering sites

Specification of Cheap Reflow Oven – 6 Zone

Number of Heating ZoneTop6/Bottom6Top6/Bottom6
Length of Heating Zone2400mm2600mm
Number of Cooling ZoneBottom1Bottom1
Exhaust Volume10M3/minX210M3/minX2
Warming TimeApprox. 20minApprox. 20min
Conveying System
Maximum Width of PCB50-400mm50-500/550/600mm
PCB Component HeightTop40mmTop40mm
PCB Transmission AgentChain+MeshMesh
Conveying Speed0-1800mm/min0-1800mm/min
Conveying Height900+/-20mm900+/-20mm
Conveying DirectionL to R/R to LL to R/R to L
Control System
Temp-Control ModePID Full-closed loop control + SSR DriverPID Full-closed loop control + SSR Driver
Temp-Control RangeIndoor Temp-320 Celsius degreeIndoor Temp-320 Celsius degree
Temp-Control Accuracy+/-1 Celsius degree+/-1 Celsius degree
PCB Temp-Deviation+/-2 Celsius degree+/-2 Celsius degree
Power System
Initial Power22KW24KW
Run Power5KW5.5KW
Power Requirement3Phase 380V 50/60HZ3Phase 380V 50/60HZ
Abnormal AlarmExtra-high temp or extra-low temp alarmExtra-high temp or extra-low temp alarm
Signal TowerThree lightThree light

Dimension of Cheap Reflow Oven – 6 Zone

Dimension (LxWxH,mm)3500x850x14504000x1000x1550
Weight (kg)700850


For the right applications, cheap reflow ovens can provide an affordable entry point into reflow soldering PCB assemblies. Taking the time to understand their limitations and following best practices helps minimize frustrations and ensures successful usage. With realistic expectations, hobbyists and businesses can benefit from these accessible ovens.

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