multi functional pick and place machine

PCB Pick And Place Machine

The number of Spindles for PNP-580 can be 8 spindles, which makes it own a higher placement speed than the PNP-560 with number of 6.

As the competitive models with the same production capacity as the other brands such as Samsung 481PLUS.

Moreover, as compared the stability to the Samsung 481PLUS, the PCB pick and place machine can perform without any stopping issues that has been proved by so many customers all over the world.

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Features OF SMT Pick And Place Machine

1. High-Efficient Visual System

  • Imported negative pressure detection system is used to accurately detect the components, effectively preventing the component leakage and dumping issues.
  • Mark point recognition camera is applied, ensures the component quick recognition and precision positioning.
pcb pick place machine high efficient visual system

2. Panasonic Servo Motor

  • Driven by a Japanese Panasonic servo motor widely used in imported placement machines, ensures the X/Y axis high precision motion and stable mechanical performance.
pcb pick place machine panasonic servo motor

SM482 Panorama View

3. Fly Camera Origin From Germany

  • Equipped with 8 sets of Germany Fly Camera with 5 million pix, ensures a high precision of component recognition and enables to realize fully high-speed pictures taken without missing and stopping during the process, which also dramatically improved the placement speed.
pcb pick place machine germany fly camera

5. High-Quality Yamaha Nozzles

  • Using the same nozzles as Yamaha, it owns excellent quality and reliable performance during the picking process. Since this compatible design, it is more flexible and convenient for daily use.
pcb pick place machine high precision conveyor system

Specification Of PCB Pick And Place Machine

Product NamePNP-580MPNP-560M
PCB SizeL600xW400mm (Max. Length enable 1200mm)L600xW400mm (Max. Length enable 1200mm)
Max. Moving RangeX-axis: 600mm, Y axis: 400mmX-axis: 600mm, Y axis: 400mm
Number of Spindles8 spindles6 spindles
Z-axis Max. Moving Range12mm12mm
Optimal Placement Speed40,000CPH30,000CPH
Typical Placement Speed13,000-26,000CPH10,000-23,000CPH
Placement Accuracy+/-0.05mm+/-0.05mm
Positioning MethodMARK point camera + 6 sets Sony visual camera position + 1 set industrial cameraSame As Left
Applicable ComponentsFrom the tiny chip of 0402 to resistor and capacitor parts and all kinds of LED chips 3528, 5050, meanwhile meet placement requirements of SOP, SOT, power driver, control board, etc. And compatible with various of high power chips.Same As Left
Types of ProductionLED tube light, soft LED strip light, power supply driver, fence light, display module, switch, display screen and other LED application productsSame As Left
Programming MethodAutomatic visual camera positioning programmingSame As Left
Belt Type Feeder8mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 24mmSame As Left
Feeder Capacity (8mm standard)30 slots30 slots
Operating SystemWINDOWS7WINDOWS7
Compressed Air0.55MPA0.55MPA
Power Supply220V, 50Hz, 2.0KW220V, 50Hz, 2.0KW
Major Components
Flexible CableIgusGermany
Servo MotorPanasonicJapan
Screw RodTHKJapan
Guide RailHiwinTaiwan
Vacuum SystemVacuum PumpGermany
Z-axis MotorShinanoJapan
Inductive SwitchPanasonicJapan
Negative Pressure GaugePanasonicJapan

Dimension Of PCB Pick And Place Machine

Dimension (LxWxH,mm)1300x1300x1450
Weight (kg)1200

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.