Low Cost Pick And Place Machine
– 6 Spindles Type

It is the newly launched model that is truly suitable for mid-sized enterprises. Besides, it is a stable, reliable, cost-effective multi-functional placement machine. And own the applicability to stably and accurately mount common chips of 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, and LED3528, LED5050 packaged components, diodes, triode SOT, etc..

This low cost pick and place machine has completed the ultimate test and officially launched into the market in batches, equipped with high-end configuration, its performance is stable, and the operation is simple and easy to understand. In one word, It is a cost-effective and genuine full-automatic pick and place machine.

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Features Of Low-Cost SMT Pick And Place Machine

1. Hardware Core Parts

  • The core parts of this machine are high-quality and mostly imported from well-known brands all over the world, which ensures a reliable and stable working performance with long service life.

2. User-friendly Outlook Design

  • This low-cost pick-and-place machine entirely takes the scientific design from the outside to the interior side which helps the operator easy to control any of the parts.

3. Operating System

  • Equipped with standard computer monitor mouse-support Windows 7 system, humanized operating interface, support visual editing process, PCB file importing etc.

4. Automatic Board Alignment System + 64 Feeder stations

  • After printing the PCB board, it can be directly put into the guide rail to automatically feed the board, achieving automatically alignment and placement.
  • With large feeding station, it can support 64 groups of feeding stations at the front and rear side, standard IC tray, tube mounted chip vibration, three tube sizes can be adjusted at will.

5. Synchronous Recognition of Six Cameras

  • Added 6 industrial-grade fast recognition cameras, which enable simultaneously recognition and effectively ensure placement speed and accuracy. The place placement efficiency doubled on the original basis rate almost.

6. Panasonic Servo System

  • Adopting with imported servo system from Panasonic, which have high precision, strong stability, never lose step pitch. The system can guarantee 24 hours stable placement.

7. High Pressure Wear-resistant Tank Chain

  • Using the same type of tank chain as imported machines, can withstand pressure up to ten millions of times.

8. High Precision TBI Guide Rail

  • Adopting with the high-precision TBI guide rail from Taiwan can effectively guarantee the mounting accuracy of 0201 and BGA components.

Specification Of Low Cost SMT Pick And Place Machine

Spindle Number6 spindles
Tape Feeder8, 12, 16, 24mm, and vibration feeder (tube component mountable)
Average Power Consumption500W
Recognition Method6 spindle Simultaneously recognition
Equipment Power220V 50 Hz
Vacuum SourceJapan CKD vacuum generator with vacuum release function
Motion Drive SystemPanasonic high-speed DSP drive
Operating SystemWindows 7 based full-auto operating system
Component Angle0-360 degree at any angle, synchronous rotation during movement
X/Y Operation ModeIntelligent curve acceleration and deceleration linear linkage
X/Y/Z Driving RailTBI high-precision linear guide rail
Driving MotorPanasonic servo motor
MARK Point PositioningFully automatic (mark points can be set arbitrarily)
Intelligent AlarmAutomatic correction, auto-replacement, lack of material alarm
PCB Transport MethodAutomatic lift to right, support PCB transfer positioning with three-stage entry rail.
Air Source Quality RequirementOil-water separation device, not less than 30L dust filter device, air pressure stabilization device
Outer Diameter of Exit Pipe10 micron, PU materials
Number of Tray6
Number of Calibration Camera1 MARK camera + 6 high-speed cameras + 1 high-speed camera
Feeder Capacity64 slots
Repeat Positioning Accuracy0.01mm
Max. Placement Speed11,000CPH
Avg. Actual Placement Speed (Mounting RC)8,600CPH
Visual Display17-inch industrial control display, ratio: 4:3, resolution: 1280x1024
Programming MethodPoint-to-point teaching programming, visual programming, PCB file coordinate import, etc.
Applicable Component0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, diode, triode, SOT, and 40*40mm (with support of QFP, BGA that the pin pitch is greater or equal than 0.3mm chip)
Nozzle Buffer Range4.5mm
Max. Component Height6mm
Max. Moving Rang of Z-axis20mm
Min. Exhaust Volume of Air Supply80-120L/min, more than 60 L in volume
Max. PCB Dimension350x450mm (44 slots: 340mmx280mm)
Compressed Air Pressure Range0.5-0.7Mpa

Dimension Of Low Cost SMT Pick And Place Machine

Dimension (LxWxH, mm)1370x1360x1345
Weight (Kg)580

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your PCBA solutions, on-time and on-budget.