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LD460SK / UD-460DK PCB Stacker & Destacker


  • SMEMA compatible

  • By pass mode provided

  • Panasonic PLC control system

  • Increased load without interference

  • Stable special design for loading the bare board

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DescriptionDropping the PCBS onto guide rail to lower machines
Cycle timeAbout 10 seconds
Max. PCB storage capacity400 pcs (0.6mm thickness board)
PCB thicknessMin. 0.6mm
Power sourceMax. 100V
Power consumptionAC 110/220 volts; single phase
Air pressure and consumption4-6 bar; max. 10ltr/min
Transport height900 +/- 20mm (support customization)
Transport directionL to R/R to L


Machine nameModelDimension
PCB board size
(LxW, mm)
StackerLD-460SK550*889* 120050*50-460*460200
DestackerUD-460DK503*889* 120050*50-460*460180

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