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LD / UD Model SMT Magazine Loader & Unloader

  • SMEMA compatible

  • Panasonic PLC control system

  • Owing a strong and stable design

  • Durable cable with long service life

  • User friendly ‘soft touch’ LED control panel

  • Owning automatic diagnosing fault and display code function

  • The special pneumatic structure design ensures zero PCB breakage

  • Top and bottom pneumatic clamps can ensure the positioning accuracy of magazine

Customization is always available, please mark down your need when contact us.

Surface mount technology (SMT) assembly lines rely on high-speed automated processes for populating printed circuit boards (PCBs). Efficiently loading boards into these lines and unloading them when complete is critical for maximizing productivity. SMT magazine loaders and unloaders are robotic systems designed specifically for this purpose.

SMT magazine loaders take PCBs stored in magazines and individually feed them to pick-and-place machines. SMT unloaders then extract finished boards from the line and restack them in magazines for easy offloading. Using the right equipment improves quality and throughput in SMT production.

There are various types of SMT magazine loaders/unloaders available to suit different needs. Choosing the optimal solutions can lead to considerable efficiency and financial benefits.

Benefits of SMT Magazine Loaders and Unloaders

Automated SMT magazine handling versus manual loading provides:

Increased Efficiency

SMT loaders/unloaders work far faster than human operators to feed and offload boards. This creates faster production cycles.

Improved Accuracy

Automated systems precisely place boards and components for consistent positioning. This minimizes defects.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Robotic loaders/unloaders are extremely gentle with sensitive PCBs and components versus manual handling.

Increased Productivity

By boosting speed, quality, and durability, SMT magazine automation increases manufacturing productivity and profitability.

Types of SMT Magazine Loaders and Unloaders

There are several magazine loader/unloader systems available:

Manual SMT Magazine Loaders

Basic manual units allow operators to manually index PCB magazines into the loading position. These are affordable low-volume options.

Automatic SMT Magazine Loaders

These systems automatically index and load boards from magazines with no operator intervention. They are ideal for high-volume production.

Vacuum SMT Magazine Loaders

Vacuum loaders use suction to securely grip and precisely place PCBs onto conveyors from magazines.

Pneumatic SMT Magazine Loaders

Pneumatic systems use air pressure and vacuums to handle boards firmly but gently during high-speed loading.

Specification of LD / UD Model SMT Magazine Loader & Unloader

DescriptionLoading and unloading of PCBs
Number of magazineUpper conveyor: 1 magazine
lower conveyor: 2 magazine
PCB feed timeApprox. 6 seconds (support customization)
Magazine replace timeApprox. 30 seconds (support customization)
Indexing pitch10, 20, 30, 40mm (support customization)
Power supplyAC 110/220 volts; single phase
PowerMax. 300VA
Air pressure and consumption4-6 bar; max. 10ltr/min
Transport height900 +/- 20mm (support customization)
Transport directionL to R/R to L

Dimension of LD / UD Model SMT Magazine Loader & Unloader

Machine nameModelDimension
(LxWxH, mm)
PCB board size
(LxW, mm)
Magazine size
(LxWxH, mm)
Weight (kg)
UD-390S2260*909* 125050*50-530*390535*460*563280
UD-460S2260*980* 125050*50-530*460535*530*563320

How to Choose the Right SMT Magazine Loader/Unloader

Consider the following when selecting systems:

Board Size and Type

The loader/unloader must accommodate the board dimensions and design. Larger boards may need custom solutions.

Speed and Accuracy Requirements

Evaluation of production speed and quality needs. Faster lines demand high-precision, automated equipment.

Budget Available

Basic manual loaders are affordable for low volumes. Automatic solutions cost more but improve quality and throughput.


SMT magazine loaders and unloaders boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in surface mount assembly. Automating the process provides considerable benefits over manual loading/unloading. With the right solutions matched to your production environment, manufacturers can maximize quality and profitability. Assessing board size/design, speed/accuracy needs, and budget helps identify the ideal SMT magazine loaders or unloaders.


What is the function of loader?2023-08-02T10:32:16+00:00

The key functions of a PCB loader are: extracting boards from storage, orienting them correctly, conveying boards to the processing line, positioning them precisely on the line, and electronically integrating with the line controls.

What are the main parts of loader?2023-08-02T10:31:37+00:00

Main parts of a PCB loader include: feeder mechanism, conveyor/tracks, positioners, sensors, controllers, grippers/arms, and interface with line.

What is the role of a loader?2023-08-02T10:30:19+00:00

The role of a PCB or SMT loader is to efficiently and accurately transfer boards from storage into the assembly line for processing. This automates the loading process.

What is PCB and PWB difference?2023-08-02T10:29:19+00:00

PCB stands for printed circuit board. PWB stands for printed wiring board. They refer to the same thing – a board used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways.

What is PCB magazine loader?2023-08-02T10:28:39+00:00

A PCB magazine loader extracts PCBs from magazines or tubes that hold multiple boards and automatically loads them one by one onto the assembly line conveyor.

What is loader in SMT?2023-08-02T10:27:47+00:00

In surface mount technology (SMT), a loader is an automated machine that takes printed circuit boards (PCBs) stored in magazines and loads them onto the pick-and-place machine for component placement.

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