LD-600CR/UD-600CR SMD Chip Reel Loader & Unloader


  • With SMEMA

  • Touch screen control interface, easy to operate

  • Fully enclosed design ensures operational safety level

  • The frame is equipped with the thick European standard aluminium and sheet metal, which is solid and stable

  • Driven by servo motor, it can search and locate quickly, smoothly and accurately

  • Stable and reliable chips reels grasping mechanism

  • Completed auto line solution for working with X-ray Component Counter to ensure get the correct data of each chip reel

Customization is always available, please mark down your need when contact us.

Specification of LD-600CR/UD-600CR SMD Chip Reel Loader & Unloader

DescriptionLoading the SMT chips after the auto SMD chips counting machine
Cycle timeAbout 16 seconds
Suitable chip reels7/13/15 inch or customized
Power supplyAC 110/220 volts; single phase
PowerMax. 2300VA
Air pressure and consumption4-6 bar; max. 1.1L/min

Dimension of LD-600CR/UD-600CR SMD Chip Reel Loader & Unloader

Machine TypeModelDimension
PCB board size
Auto Chip Reel LoaderLD-600CR1760*2797*2380400*400*6001000
Auto Chip Reel UnloaderUD-600CR1870*2797*2320400*400*6001500

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