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PF-330 / PF-440 PCB Flipping Machine


  • User friendly ‘soft touch’ LED control panel

  • Full closed design make sure the highest operation protection level

  • Top cover can be opened for easy access to hardware during maintenance

  • Parallel and smooth width adjustment (screw)

  • Full closed design make sure the highest operation protection level

  • Steady and precise scaling (retractable motor)

  • Full closed design make sure the highest operation protection level

  • Minimize transmission clearance between conveyor

  • Different sizes available upon request

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Basic Description

The PCB flipper is used for angle of 90 degree to 180 degree when do the rotation of double-side PCB board, which is suitable for the double-side of PCB board assembly process.

ElectronicsTalk offers the high-standard PCB flipper. When a double-side PCB board finished its front work, the rear side will need to be flipped by the PCB flipper to keep a continuous flow of SMT line.

It adopts the PLC control system, steady and precise lifting driven by servo motor, width adjustable by screw, and size can be customized. All of the core parts are imported from credible companies, ensures high-efficient performance.

Fully closed design with turn limiter grantees the highest level of safety. Different sizes are available in terms of customer specify.


DescriptionInvert PCBs (180 degree) for ¡°double sided¡± process
Cycle timeApprox. 5 seconds
Belt typeOblate belt
Power supplyAC 110/220 volts; single phase
PowerMax. 150VA
Transport height900 +/- 20mm (support customization)
Transport directionL to R/R to L


(LxWxH, mm)
PCB board size (LxWxH, mm)Weight
PF-330500*786* 120050*50-445*330120
PF-400600*856* 120050*50-530*400160

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