sm482 plus samsung smt pick and place machine

SM482 Plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine

With a wide component applicable range from 0603 to 22mm of IC and an optimum placement speed of 30,000CPH components, let it also become the best multi-function chip mounter among same class.

Equipped with the high-pixel camera, it has a high-precision component recognition system. Also, owing high placement accuracy (30 micron) of IC components and offer easy component registration system, which is high efficient.

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Features of SM482 Plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine

1. Camera Algorithm

  • The component recognition accuracy increased by the function of elimination of image noise and automatic teaching.
  • The fly camera improved the recognition and calibration of the components during the movement process of pick and place.
  • Automatic Real Time Pickup Position Calibration System
polygon function samsungsm482plus-pick and place machine

2. Panorama View

  • For components whose size exceeds the field of view of a camera, this function enable to combine separated component images into one that is applied.
  • It is also suitable for irregular shaped components by automatically teaching the placement position simply.
panorama view samsung sm482plus pick and place machine

SM482 Panorama View

Specification of SM482 Plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine

Model NameSM482PLUS
AlignmentFly Camera+ Fix Camera
Number of Spindles6 Spindes x 1 Gantry
Placement Speed (CPH)30,000 (Optimum)
Placement Accuracy (Chip, mm)+/-0.04 (at +/- 3 sigma)
Placement Accuracy (QFP, mm) +/-0.03 (at +/- 3 sigma)
Component Range (Fly Camera, mm) 0603 - 22; 0402 - 14 (option)(Chip, IC, Connector, BGA, CSP)
Component Range (Fix Camera, mm)16mm -42mm (Standard); 42mm -55mm (MFOV); L75mm - L150mm; Connector (MFOV) (IC, Connector, BGA, CSP)
Max. Height (mm)12 (Fly); 15 (Fix)
Min. PCB Size (mm)L50 x W40
Max. PCB Size (Single Lane: mm)L460 x W400; L510 x W460 (Option); L610 x W510 (Option); L1,200 x W510 (Option)
PCB Size (Dual Lane: mm)N.A.
PCB Thickness (mm)0.38 - 4.2
Feeder Capacity (8mm standard)120ea/112ea (Docking Cart)
PowerAC200 / 208 / 220 / 240 / 380 / 415V (50/60Hz, 3Phase)
Air ConsumptionMax. 3.5kVA;180NL/Min; 50NL/Min (Vacuum Pump)

Dimension of SM482 Plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine

Dimension (LxWxH,mm)1,650x1,680x1,530
Weight (kg)1,575

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