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Zi Corp

Suite 2100, 840 - 7 Avenue SW
T2P 3G
Telephone: (Canada) +1 403 233-8875

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Listing of all 16 news releases from Zi Corp:

Handset software offerings expand in Barcelona

Zi Corporation plans a major presence at February's 3GSM World Congress conference and exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

News from Zi Corp (19 January 2006)

Handset integrates handwriting recognition

Zi Corp's advanced handwriting recognition solution, Decuma Japanese, is embedded in the newly launched FOMA M1000 3G smartphone, now available through NTT DoCoMo.

News from Zi Corp ( 7 September 2005)

Mobile interface cuts down keystrokes

A revolutionary new application interface provides users with a quick and easy method for accessing and discovering a phone's full set of features, applications and services.

News from Zi Corp (15 February 2005)

Text technologies turn up in Cannes

Zi Corp will unveil its latest suite of product advancements at next month's 3GSM World Congress in Cannes.

News from Zi Corp (28 January 2005)

Flextronics signs for handset solutions

Flextronics has signed a global licence agreement to use Zi's eZiTap and eZiText solutions.

News from Zi Corp (31 December 2004)