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ZBD Displays

Malvern Hills Science Park
Geraldine Road
WR14 3SZ
Telephone: (UK) +44 1684 585310

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Listing of all 15 news releases from ZBD Displays:

Investment paves way for global growth

ZBD has raised a further US $20 million in private equity funding that will enable the company to fulfil its growth plans at a global level.

News from ZBD Displays (26 March 2007)

Dynamic pricing could cut food wastage

ZBD Displays claims retailers could add up to GBP 40 million a year to their bottom line by cutting food wastage by as little as 2%.

News from ZBD Displays (25 August 2006)

Zero-power LCDs go wireless for PoS duties

Retail product information and promotions will be transformed with the launch of the epop (electronic point of purchase) solution from ZBD.

News from ZBD Displays ( 1 June 2006)

UK display innovation showcased in York

ZBD Displays will present the story of its success at the annual conference for the British Liquid Crystal Society at the University of York.

News from ZBD Displays (11 April 2006)

Tesco adopts wireless shelf-edge displays

Tesco is the first UK supermarket to be able to automate changes in price and information on labels directly from the back office, thanks to an innovative new electronic labelling system.

News from ZBD Displays (20 December 2005)

Electronic shelf-edge labelling helps cut waste

Targets for reducing food and packaging waste set by the Courtauld agreement will not be met unless product labelling strategies in supermarkets are updated.

News from ZBD Displays (11 October 2005)

Dix to drive shelf edge developments

ZBD has appointed David Dix as Head of Product Development.

News from ZBD Displays ( 7 September 2004)

Mayne to step up product development

ZBD Displays has appointed Clive Mayne as Chief Operating Officer to step up its product development schedule.

News from ZBD Displays ( 7 November 2003)

Bistable displays approach commercialisation

ZBD Displays expects to commence commercial supply of its zenithal bistable display during the first half of 2004 as a result of its collaborative development work with Varitronix.

News from ZBD Displays ( 6 October 2003)

Greyscales pave way to zero power colour displays

ZBD Displays reckons it is firmly on the route to colour displays which use zero power between updates, having demonstrated four error-free analogue grey levels.

News from ZBD Displays ( 3 July 2003)

ZBD - the zero-power display

 Technical background article   Zenithal bistable technology is a significant evolution in liquid crystal display technology.

News from ZBD Displays ( 6 June 2003)

Thanigasalam takes on business development

ZBD Displays has appointed Manoj Thanigasalam as Vice-President Business Development.

News from ZBD Displays (12 May 2003)

Novel LC mixtures keep displays on

ZBD Displays has developed novel advanced LC mixtures for use with its grating aligned zenithal bistable displays.

News from ZBD Displays (19 February 2003)

Varitronix to help with display commercialisation

ZBD Displays (ZBD) and Varitronix International are to collaborate on the development of ZBD's novel zenithal bistable display technology.

News from ZBD Displays (23 January 2003)

Making Microsoft's smart watch even smarter

 User application article   Smart watches will not reap their full potential if manufacturers' display technology does not address the issues of power consumption and readability, warns Henri-Luc Martin, CEO of ZBD Displays.

News from ZBD Displays (23 January 2003)


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