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Young Electronics Group

Crown House, Coronation Road
Cressex Business Park
High Wycombe
HP12 3TA
Telephone: (UK) +44 1494 753 500

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Listing of all 77 news releases from Young Electronics Group:

Power supplies are approved for medical uses

Medically approved 1000W power supplies are initially available with 5, 12 or 24V outputs.

News from Young Electronics Group (31 January 2008)

Switching regulator offers high efficiency

Leading UK Electronic component and power supply distributor Young electronics group is pleased to has released two new products from Mornsun through their UK Power Supply division YEG Powerline.

News from Young Electronics Group (29 October 2007)

Capacitors suit automotive use

The Alchip MLE capacitors offer an endurance of 7 to 8000 hours at 105C with a voltage range of 6.3 to 50V.

News from Young Electronics Group (29 October 2007)

Convertor boasts wide input voltage range

Available now from Young Electronics is ETA Power's NVD-SC 100W DC/DC convertor.

News from Young Electronics Group (22 August 2005)

Ultracapacitor module is battery alternative

The Maxwell Powercache PC-48 module provides a high reliability, maintenance-free alternative to batteries for short-term backup power.

News from Young Electronics Group (11 August 2005)

Medium-power relays save space onboard

Young Electronics has added the Fujitsu FTR-LY series of power relays to its portfolio.

News from Young Electronics Group (27 July 2005)

Single output supplies offer higher power output

New additions to the SWS series of single output AC/DC power supplies offer higher power output and an increased voltage output range.

News from Young Electronics Group (12 July 2005)

LEDs boast super high flux output

A new series of 1W LEDs offers super high flux output and high luminance, reaching over 48lm at an operating current of 350mA.

News from Young Electronics Group ( 5 July 2005)

Ultracapacitor module promises higher energy

The BMOD2600-16 is the latest high-performance ultracapacitor module from Maxwell Technologies, offering higher energy in a compact and lightweight packaged module.

News from Young Electronics Group (21 June 2005)

Power relays tackle heavy domestic chores

Available now from Young Electronics, Fujitsu's FTR-K3 power relay series is designed for heavy duty power applications, operating at up to 20A.

News from Young Electronics Group (14 June 2005)

Ultracapacitor provides big bursts of power

The BCAP0010 is the latest Maxwell Technologies ultracapacitor from Young Electronics.

News from Young Electronics Group (26 May 2005)

Front-end supply boasts 96% efficiency

Available now from Young Electronics is the EFY370SX AC/DC front-end single output power supply from ETA Power.

News from Young Electronics Group ( 9 May 2005)

Open-board convertors cut weight, cost and size

ETA-Power's OTQ-SC/WC range of DC/DC convertors were developed to meet the demand for distributed power and are designed specifically for PCB mounting applications.

News from Young Electronics Group (29 April 2005)

Young acquires Sterling

Young Electronics Group has completed the acquisition of Sterling Components, the Slough based distributor of a broad range of passive, electromechanical and inductive components.

News from Young Electronics Group (25 April 2005)

AC fans boast boosted airflow

A novel range of AC fans developed by YS Tech are claimed to outperform traditional AC fans by at least 80%.

News from Young Electronics Group ( 4 April 2005)

Novel phosphor makes bright white LEDs

Young Electronics Group has a brand new line of white LEDs based on the latest non-YAG (yttrium aluminium garnet) phosphor technology.

News from Young Electronics Group (15 March 2005)

POL convertor boasts top transient response

The Tarka range is a new generation of nonisolated DC/DC convertors from leading global power solutions provider Lambda.

News from Young Electronics Group ( 1 March 2005)

New wave capacitors cut down ESR

A new range of chip capacitors employs a novel capacitor technology to produce devices that have 65% lower ESR characteristics than conventional chip tantalum devices.

News from Young Electronics Group (17 January 2005)

Aluminium electrolytics shrink to smaller cases

Young Electronics has a new range of large capacitance aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Nippon Chemi-Con.

News from Young Electronics Group (17 December 2004)

Capacitor delivers power faster than batteries

The latest Ultracapacitor from Maxwell Technologies offers 10F capacitance to provide devices such as digital cameras with higher levels of power than are possible with batteries alone.

News from Young Electronics Group ( 6 December 2004)

LED range signals a colourful display

Low impedance capacitors take the heat

Radial lead capacitors copy surface mount success

Ultracapacitor adopts battery outline

Connectors get to grips with multichannel audio

Capacitors serve many purposes

Op amps are ideal for high-speed applications

General-purpose switcher has medical approvals too

New source for Maxwell ultra-capacitors

Capacitor helps batteries meet pulse demands

Novel design torques up cooling fans

Ultralow impedance for electrolytic capacitors

Op amp aims for audio applications

Capacitors live longer in lighting ballasts

Electrolytic capacitors last longer

LEDs hit the bullseye

Long life for low-profile electrolytics

Relay lowers its headroom

"Delightful" range of custom LED displays

X2 caps cover wide suppression range

Capacitors cover the field

Catalogue helps find the right capacitor

LED driver takes control of colour

Jog shuttle switch sounds good for audio

Low-profile inverters shrink backlight supplies

Longer life for surface-mount capacitors

Multilayers put more into less

LED displays are bright to save energy

Young looks to boost Arcotronics

Capacitors handle the heat under the bonnet

Good oscillations for budget designs

Electrolytics live longer with lower ESR

Low jitter for programmable oscillator

Multilayer ceramic capacitors offer reliability

Low profile MLCCs show high reliability

Photoreflectors slim to detect

Hue Jie deal for Young

Thyristor trio protect telecomms

SM multilayer inductors aim for uses above 100MHz

Inductor pair ideal for digital appliances

Capacitor design reduces inverter bulk and cost

Low impedance from miniature aluminium capacitors

Aluminium electrolytics live long and prosper

Capacitors withstand high-temperature reflow

High frequencies are no bar to electrolytics

Chip electrolytics stand in for tantalums

Slimline relay handles industrial loads

2mm connectors support high-speed backplanes

Ultra mini comms relay is fully certified

25A power relay aimed at motors in motors

Video switch routes composite video

Low-noise LDOs aim for cellular handsets

Aluminium chips have low impedance, high CV

Surface-mount electrolytics come with high CVs

Extended-temperature mini electrolytics live long

Frequency control programmed in the field

Infra-red remote control receivers


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