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7200 North MoPac Expressway
Suite 270
TX 78731
Telephone: (USA) +1 512 345 3808

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Listing of all 17 news releases from Wintegra:

Processor improves DSL device designs

Upgraded IP-DSLAM processor is software compatible with the previous generation of WinArrow devices, simplifying upgrades for OEMs.

News from Wintegra ( 1 May 2007)

Processors are dedicated to mobile WiMAX

Single chip processors and associated software are designed for WiMAX basestation applications.

News from Wintegra (26 April 2007)

Ben-Zvi is top Israeli CEO

Kobi Ben-Zvi, CEO, President, founder and Chairman of the Board at Wintegra has received the CEO Manager of the Year Award from the Israel Management Centre.

News from Wintegra (16 January 2007)

Access processors in Chinese basestation trials

 User application article   Datang Mobile is using WinPath access processors in its Super Node B, a high-capacity basestation currently participating in TD-SCDMA field trials in China, for current and future 3G deployments.

News from Wintegra (16 January 2007)

Access processors reportedly take some beating