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715 Stadium Drive
TX 76011
Telephone: (USA) +1 817-274-7553

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ZigBee comes on PC/104-compliant modules

The PCM-ZigBee board is a PC/104-based module that supports the IEEE802.15.4 standard for wireless communications.

News from Winsystems (24 September 2007)

Computer handles wide temperature range

WinSystems' EBC-855-G-1.8-1 single-board computer is a RoHS-compliant, processor and I/O-intensive board offering -40 to +70C temperature operation.

News from Winsystems (11 May 2007)

AMD-powered SBC keeps its cool without a fan

The PPM-GX is a PC/104-Plus compatible single board computer based on the low-power high-integration AMD GX500 processor.

News from Winsystems ( 5 April 2007)

EBX-format embedded SBC is well connected

The LBC-GX500 is a highly integrated single board computer designed for machine-to-machine connectivity.

News from Winsystems (19 October 2006)

Embedded board promises long availability

The EBC-855-G is an EBX-compatible, Intel 1GHz ultra-low-power, Celeron (Dothan core) single board computer.

News from Winsystems (27 September 2006)