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Weidmuller (UK)

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1 Abbey Wood Road
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4YT
Telephone: (UK) +44 1732 877032

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Listing of all 19 news releases from Weidmuller (UK):

Connector tool avoids skinned knuckles

Trying to tighten or loosen M12 and M8 cable connections under harsh industrial conditions with poor access will be a nightmare of the past thanks to the novel Screwty tool.

News from Weidmuller (UK) ( 5 November 2003)

Tiny integrator brings signals together

The SAI-M5 sensor-actuator integrator is the smallest passive integrator on the market, making it suitable for industrial control applications where compact size and low weight are a necessity.

News from Weidmuller (UK) ( 4 September 2003)

Compact power units expand to three phases

Weidmuller has added a three-phase 24V nonstabilised linear supply to its range of 24V single-phase compact power units.

News from Weidmuller (UK) (25 July 2003)

Plug-in relay is flexible on loads

The rail-mounted Plugrelay offers installation cost savings with high power switching up to a 4kVA resistive load, and automation engineering applications loads as low as 40uW.

News from Weidmuller (UK) (16 July 2003)

Electronic fuse protects 24V circuits

The all-new Waveguard provides industrial control and switching systems with fully reliable fault protection for switched-mode 24V DC power supplies.

News from Weidmuller (UK) ( 4 July 2003)

Terminal blocks bring heavy-duty cables onboard

Weidmuller's new LUP term