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News Release from: University of Oxford Electronics and Telecoms
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 2 October 2006

Online forum tackles
next-generation mobile topics

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The University of Oxford's next generation mobile applications panel has grown to a remarkably active discussion forum of 1000 members from 66 countries

ForumOxford, the University of Oxford's next generation mobile applications panel, has grown to a remarkably active discussion forum of 1000 members from 66 countries since its launch a year ago. So what of discussions? There are a total of 457 topics. Over the last 4 months, which includes the quiet month of August, 171 new topics have been added - an average of 9.8 new topics every week.

The 393 UK members now form 42% of the membership and 58% come from other countries; 22% from the rest of Europe, 17% from Asia, 13% from North America, 3% from Africa, 2% from Oceania and 1% from Latin America.

And what have been the hottest topics at ForumOxford over the past four months?.

The 12 most popular topics in order of increasing activity, listing also the person who started that thread and the number of comments: 'Video to interactive TV' (Peter Barnes) 14; 'Tracking Wi-Fi clouds' (Tomi Ahonen) 15; 'Paypal mobile' (Mark Brill) 15; 'Micropayments using mobile' (Tim Woolford) 15; 'IP addressable SIMs' (William Vine) 17; 'xhtml-mp vs a full mobile browser experience' (Ajit Jaokar) 17; 'What is the advantage of DMB to content providers' (Ajit Jaokar) 19; 'Killer app' (Vladimir Dimitroff) 20; 'iPod market share not 78%, 19%' (Tomi Ahonen) 26; 'Mobile web advertising: a contradiction in terms' (Ajit Jaokar) 26; 'The mobile Internet should be pronounced dead' (Walter Adamson) 26; and the most popular topic during the past 4 months with 46 comments has been 'Mobile video DMB vs DVB-H', started by Ajit Jaokar.

For the first anniversary and to recognise reaching the milestone of 1000 members, a new journal will be published which will comprise a number of the most interesting topics.

In addition, the University of Oxford will look to the experience of ForumOxford members to maintain its reputation as one of Europe's leading training providers.

ForumOxford is free to join to all those interested in the future of mobile applications.

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