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University of Surrey

Stag Hill
Telephone: (Surrey) +44 1483 689314

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GBP292,000 grant supports fuel cell research

Dr Varcoe's research will investigate the possibility of using alkaline instead of acidic polymers, which may enable the use of metals other than prohibitively expensive platinum.

News from University of Surrey (24 January 2008)

Research paper on conductivity of carbon nanotubes

The electronic properties of a multilayer carbon nanotube are determined more by the tube's diameter and the degree of helicity of its carbon wrapping than by the structure of the surface layer.

News from University of Surrey (20 April 2007)

Surrey catches high speed tube to success

IP Group has teamed up with scientists from the University of Surrey to form Surrey NanoSystems to provide commercial tools for producing nanomaterials to revolutionise the semiconductor industry.

News from University of Surrey (14 December 2006)

New lab hosts media engineering degree programme

Media engineering is a new range of degree programmes developed in response to industry demand for graduate engineers with the skills to develop digital technologies.

News from University of Surrey (27 April 2006)