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Universal Instruments

PO Box 825
NY 13902-0825
Telephone: (USA) +1 607-779-5000

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Listing of all 115 news releases from Universal Instruments:

Surface mount platform provides speed and accuracy

The AdvantisX lineup includes single and dual-gantry high-speed models with Lightning Head technology.

News from Universal Instruments (31 March 2008)

Placement platform speeds electronics assembly

 User application article   The Genesis GC-120Q delivers delivers high-speed placement across a broad range of components.

News from Universal Instruments (17 March 2008)

Sincotron represents Universal in Nordic region

Distributor to support the sale of SMD assembly equipment in the Nordic region.

News from Universal Instruments ( 7 May 2007)

Top speed placement set for Nuremberg launch

The Genesis GC-120Q is billed as the world's fastest quad-beam machine at 120,000 components per hour.

News from Universal Instruments (26 March 2007)

Genesis wins SMT vision award

Universal Instruments has confirmed that its Genesis GC-120Q platform has been chosen as the recipient of a prestigious SMT Vision Award.

News from Universal Instruments (16 February 2007)

Company showcases range at Apex

Universal's new flagship Genesis GC-120Q platform enters the market as the fastest quad-gantry machine in the industry.

News from Universal Instruments (15 February 2007)

Placement range covers high volumes and high mixes

Placement platform is made more flexible with single-, dual- and quad-gantry options.

News from Universal Instruments ( 6 February 2007)

Feeders accelerate component throughput

Gold dual-lane and Black midrange electric tape feeders are designed to deliver significant throughput and value gains for Universal's diverse customer base.

News from Universal Instruments (10 October 2006)

Equity firm buys Universal from Dover

Francisco Partners has signed a definitive agreement with Dover Technologies International to acquire Universal Instruments Corporation.

News from Universal Instruments (31 August 2006)

Benoit takes responsibility for software

Universal Instruments has announced the appointment of Greg Benoit to the position of Product Manager for UIC Software Products.

News from Universal Instruments (17 August 2006)

Placement platform on show in Chicago

Universal Instruments plans to showcase its popular Advantis placement platform from Booth 5842 at this year's Assembly Technology Expo.

News from Universal Instruments (15 August 2006)

Feeders accelerate placement per