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Relay output boards for switching and control

An United Electronic Industries product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jun 25, 2010

United Electronic Industries has released of the DNx-DIO-4x2 series 12-channel electromechanical relay output boards for its Cube and Racktangle I/O chassis.

The new relay boards feature 12 independent Form C (SPDT) relays, 125Hz switching rates, and are well suited for a variety of switching and digital control applications.

The DNA-DIO-462 and DNR-DIO-462 models are for the PowerDNA Cube and the PowerDNR Racktangle chassis respectively.

The DIO-462 series feature 'Guardian Advantage' functionality including the ability for the board to monitor both the output current and voltage of the outputs on the field/contact side of the relay.

The Guardian Advantage also provides programmable over-current protection, allowing the user to select the output current that will open the output contacts.

The DNA-DIO-452 and DNR-DIO-452 offer the same electromechanical relay features but without the Guardian Advantage readback capabilities, and therefore offer a lower-cost solution for systems not requiring readback functionality.

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