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United Electronic Industries

27 Renmar Avenue
MA 02081
Telephone: (USA) +1 508 921 4600

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Listing of all 21 news releases from United Electronic Industries:

Digital output boards have 32 channels

The output ports are configured as single 32bit words, the maximum output throughput rate is 1Ksample/s, and the boards have an operating range of 3.3 to 36V DC.

News from United Electronic Industries ( 8 May 2008)

Everything you ever wanted to know about DAQ

White paper on analogue inputs is the first in a three-part series telling all about data acquisition.

News from United Electronic Industries (18 April 2008)

Boards cram in more digital inputs

High-density digital input boards read 48bit at sustained rates in excess of 1Ksample/s.

News from United Electronic Industries (28 March 2008)

Data acquisition catalogue comes up to date

Innovations include the new Racktangle 12-slot Ethernet I/O chassis, UEISIM Simulink/RTW Target and several new I/O boards for both Racktangle and "Cube" chassis.

News from United Electronic Industries (25 February 2008)

Rectangular chassis hosts more I/O

Based on the same electronics used in the company's popular Cube I/O chassis, the new rectangular form factor increases the number of I/O slots from six to 12.

News from United Electronic Industries (10 December 2007)

I/O system accelerates flight simulator

 User application article   Compact and rugged Gigabit Ethernet based I/O platform allows FlightSafety to operate its new simulator at 2000Hz, provid