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Solar combiner box for solar-panel installations

A Tyco Electronics product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 14, 2011

Tyco Electronics has launched a hard-wearing, light-weight, low-profile UL 1741-listed pre-wired Solarlok combiner box designed to facilitate faster, error-free residential solar-panel installations.

The five-string combiner box offers 30-second error-proof terminations through factory pre-wired TE Solarlok connectors, which have polarity keyed housing to help prevent mismating.

Tyco Electronics has launched a UL 1741-Listed pre-wired Solarlok combiner box for faster, error-free residential solar panel installations

Tyco Electronics has launched a UL 1741-Listed pre-wired Solarlok combiner box for faster, error-free residential solar panel installations

Additionally, its light-weight, low-profile design, which includes four pre-drilled knock-out selections, offers installation flexibility in various residential solar applications.

The UL F1 UV-rated material protects the product from harsh impacts and environmental wear and tear, extending its overall life in outdoor environments.

Components included in the combiner box are TE threaded Solarlok grounding bolts to establish easy, reliable ground paths and TE solar identification labels, which meet NEC solar requirements.

All components, including grounding bolts, connectors and identification labels, are established TE products that are UL-recognised.

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