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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Feb 26, 2009

Tyco Electronics has unveiled its latest Amp Netconnect MRJ21 cabling system.

The Amp Netconnect MRJ21 shielded twisted pair (STP) cabling system is designed for environments such as enterprise data centres that are sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Tyco Electronics has announced a new version of the successful Amp Netconnect MRJ21 cabling system.

Tyco Electronics has announced a new version of the successful Amp Netconnect MRJ21 cabling system.

As a result of the increasing demands on additional technology and capacity, the number of network connections in a data centre is continually increasing.

Irrespective of the connection type, the highest possible port density supported by a scalable, modular cabling system is a critical requirement of a modern data centre.

Tyco Electronics claims that its system provides these features, with connectors that are terminated and tested in the factory intended to enable customers to deploy real 'plug-and-go' solutions.

The 'next-generation' MRJ21 STP cabling system is based on the existing MRJ21 cabling system, but with improved electromagnetic-compatibility performance and better signal integrity.

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