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TE Connectivity

All articles from TE Connectivity

TE introduces active optical cable assemblies

TE Connectivity's second-generation Paralight QSFP+ active optical cable assemblies are suitable for applications such as high-speed interconnects within switches and transport equipment.

News from Electronicstalk, 12 April 2011

Product Story

Continuous identification tubing for mass transit

TE Connectivity has launched a low-fire-hazard, heat-shrinkable continuous identification tubing for industrial, rail and mass transit, aerospace and defence, as well as marine applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 12 April 2011

Product Story

Cabling tech can be implemented as part of EMDC

The structured cabling technology supplied by the Enterprise Networks business unit of TE Connectivity can now be implemented as part of IBM's Enterprise Modular Data Centre (EMDC) solution.

News from Electronicstalk, 12 April 2011


ChipSESD packages help reduce assembly challenges

New ChipSESD packages from TE Connectivity help reduce assembly challenges because they offer the advantages of an active silicon device combined with a traditional SMT passive body package.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 March 2011

Product Story

Antennas for single- to penta-band applications

TE has launched a standard range of low-profile, stamped metal, flexible printed circuit (FPC) and printed circuit board (PCB) embedded antenna solutions for single- to penta-band applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 15 March 2011

Product Story

QSFP+ optical transceivers for Ethernet apps

Tyco Electronics has launched highly compact 40Gbps QSFP+ optical transceivers, for use in switches, routers, data centres and other Ethernet applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 7 March 2011

Product Story

Tyco launches Type LS solder-less LED socket

Tyco Electronics (TE), a provider of engineered electronic components, has launched the Type LS solder-less LED socket, designed specifically for use with the new Philips Lumileds Luxeon S LED.

News from Electronicstalk, 28 February 2011

Product Story

Connecters offer high density power in netbook PCs

Tyco Electronics (TE) has introduced the LCD Coaxial Embedded Display Interface (LCEDI) range of connectors, for panel/main board interconnection such as in notebook and tablet personal computers.

News from Electronicstalk, 16 February 2011

Product Story

Media filters suit laptop and notebook computers

Tyco Electronics has unveiled three new embedded magnetic offerings from its recently acquired Planarmag product technology, which improves the design and manufacture of electromagnetic components.

News from Electronicstalk, 9 February 2011

Product Story

ChipSESD devices help to protect mobile phones

Tyco's 0201- and 0402-size ChipSESD devices help to protect: mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, computer I/O ports, keypads, low-voltage DC lines, speakers, headphones and microphones.

News from Electronicstalk, 4 February 2011

Product Story

Solar combiner box for solar-panel installations

Tyco Electronics has launched a hard-wearing, light-weight, low-profile UL 1741-listed pre-wired Solarlok combiner box designed to facilitate faster, error-free residential solar-panel installations.

News from Electronicstalk, 14 January 2011

Product Story

Tyco USB 3.0 connector offers fast transfer speeds

Tyco Electronics (TE) has released a USB 3.0 connector that offers improvements in performance and power management over previous USB interconnects and meets all standards of USB-IF.

News from Electronicstalk, 6 January 2011

Product Story

Tyco announces JEDEC-based memory module

Tyco Electronics has introduced a very low-profile (VLP) double-data-rate 3 (DDR3) dual in-line memory module (DIMM) socket designed around JEDEC industry standards.

News from Electronicstalk, 17 December 2010

Product Story

A/V jack SMT for consumer/industrial applications

Tyco Electronics has introduced the circular 3.5mm A/V jack SMT (surface-mount technology) for application in consumer/mobile devices as well as industrial and automotive industries.

News from Electronicstalk, 30 November 2010

Product Story

Tiny connectors for the smallest of mobile devices

Tyco Electronics' Pico switching coax connector, measuring 2 x 2 x 0.9mm with 0.4mm self-alignment, delivers compatibility with the high frequencies used in mobile terminals within a miniature device.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 November 2010

Product Story

Tyco device connects locally controlled motors

Tyco Electronics has launched the Motorman hybrid connector, which simplifies the connection of power and signal of locally controlled motors.

News from Electronicstalk, 22 November 2010

Product Story

Tyco cable assembly transmits multimedia content

Tyco Electronics has launched a long-reach, passive cable assembly for projectors and large commercial LCD monitors that complies with the Displayport v1.1a reduced bit rate (RBR) specification.

News from Electronicstalk, 18 November 2010

Product Story

Tyco introduces MHP circuit protection technology

Tyco Electronics has introduced Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) technology suitable for high-rate-discharge battery applications at ratings above 30VDC/30A.

News from Electronicstalk, 12 November 2010

Product Story

Connector maximises PCB space in computer systems

The Strada Mesa mezzanine connector offers a stacking, board-to-board connection solution for efficient PCB space utilisation in telecommunications, computer, military and rail systems.

News from Electronicstalk, 9 November 2010

Product Story

Technique splices optical fibres in communications

Lightcrimp splice technology is a new rapid technique for splicing optical fibres in communications networks.

News from Electronicstalk, 4 November 2010

Product Story
  • Tyco introduces 20A SR power entry modules
  • EMI/RFI filters suit space-constrained systems
  • SFP+ cable assemblies enable 10Gb/s Ethernet apps
  • Copper cables target 10Gb Ethernet applications
  • Connector enables 40Gb/s Infiniband/Ethernet apps
  • T6112DS prints small-sized marker sleeves
  • Medium junction box for solar industry OEMs
  • Tyco offers multi-fibre trunk cable assemblies
  • AMP Ethernet cabling system optimises rack space
  • LED socket suits wire and board applications
  • Tyco develops PoE Plus connector interface
  • Tyco renames connector for indoor lighting
  • SSL connector for indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Connector system suits high-vibration environments
  • Polyzen protects circuits of USB-port devices
  • LVDC grid interconnects for EMerge Alliance system
  • Tyco unveils Amp Netconnect fire survival cables
  • Tyco Ethernet link has double port density
  • Power interconnects make better use of airflow
  • Tyco webinar to focus on pluggable I/O solutions
  • Connectors perform in embedded Displayport apps
  • Touch technology achieves Windows 7 compatibility
  • Fidessa selects AMP Netconnect cabling
  • Tyco offers field-installable push-pull connector
  • Tyco introduces shuttered duplex LC adapters
  • Tyco guide shows products for wind energy sector
  • Tyco announces FCI licence for connector range
  • Tyco connector suits rugged environments
  • Termination tool includes cable and PiMF stripping
  • Tyco offers Sigma-Link copper-cabling solutions
  • Tyco expands range of hermaphroditic connectors
  • Tyco offers heat-shrink cable marker sleeves
  • Tyco announces PCB power connector
  • Tyco enhances Val-u-lok connector range
  • SMT connector powers LEDs from underside of board
  • AMP Netconnect launches unloaded patch panels
  • Amp Netconnect launches panel holder
  • Tyco announces SEC-II power edge connector
  • Tyco Electronics offers surface-mount chip fuses
  • Tyco offers miniature side-actuated tactile switch
  • TE resisters have good power-handling capability
  • Tyco presents power PCB relays
  • Tyco introduces Val-U-Lok connector system
  • Data centre products and systems to be showcased
  • HC.26 connectors provide fast Ethernet interface
  • Tyco offers IP-rated resistors
  • Connector exceeds Category 7A frequency limit
  • Tyco introduces power rocker switches
  • Tyco connector eases wind turbine maintenance
  • Tyco unveils coaxial connectors
  • Tyco unveils automotive circuit protection devices
  • Tyco extends range with single-phase filter
  • Tyco upgrades its overcurrent protection devices
  • Tyco reveals high-current circular connector
  • Tyco unveils circuit protection devices
  • Tyco releases Polyswitch circuit protector line
  • HVL connector series suits lighting applications
  • Elo Touchsystems extends touchcomputer range
  • Tyco establishes power entry module series
  • Tyco releases security keys for jack connectors
  • Wires poke in to power LEDs onboard
  • Cables tolerate offshore conditions

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