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Product category: Power Supply ICs and Controllers
News Release from: Texas Instruments (April 2006-) | Subject: TPS61165
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 03 January 2008

LED driver powers three bright diodes

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The TPS61165 can drive backlight LEDs for media form factor displays up to 9in diameter, such as those used in ultramobile PCs and LCD photo frames.

Texas Instruments has a new high-brightness LED driver with an integrated 40V/1.2A switch that can drive up to three 1W LEDs in series The new TPS61165 device's high-performance features and input voltage range of 3 to 18V allow designers to efficiently manage multiple high-power LEDs used in single-cell, battery-powered applications or point-of-load designs with a 9 or 12V bus