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Product category: Intellectual Property Cores
News Release from: TTPCom
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 28 October 2004

TTPCom and ADI power
Sharp TM150 camera phone

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Wireless technologies from Analog Devices and TTPCom power the new Sharp TM150 camera phone

The clamshell-style TM150, available from T-Mobile USA, allows users to send and receive pictures by MMS, text messages, and video clips, customise with ring tones and wallpaper. The TM150 is based on ADI's SoftFone GSM/GPRS chipset and TTPCom's protocol stack and application software. Sharp Corp, Analog Devices and TTPCom have been working together on cellular handsets for many years and ADI's SoftFone chipset and TTPCom's software is also featured in Sharp's award-winning GX10, GX20 and GX30 models that operate on networks in Europe.

ADI's SoftFone platform is completely RAM-based, which allows features and options to be easily customised in software for a wide range of phones, and offers best-in-class power consumption, cost and size.

TTPCom's industry leading GPRS protocol stack enables users to make maximum use of the network capacity for the downloading of images and video.

In addition, with triband functionality users of the TM150 will be able to roam seamlessly across all countries worldwide which utilise the GSM standard.

"We are delighted to work together again with Sharp Corporation and TTPCom on this innovative phone".

"The Sharp TM150 provides T-Mobile users with a wide variety of multimedia features", said Christian Kermarrec, Vice President of RF and Wireless Systems, Analog Devices.

"Sharp's engineers have taken full advantage of the SoftFone chipset's flexibility and processing power, offering a rich feature set while providing 226 hours of standby time".

"We're particularly pleased to see Sharp expand on the success they've had in Europe with the launch of the exciting TM150 handset in the US", said Richard Walker, Managing Director of the Software Business Unit at TTPCom.

"The GSM phone market is truly global and an increasing number of our Asian customers are launching products in Asia, Europe, Africa and now the US".

"Over the past 2 years we have invested significant resources in establishing regional support teams who can assist our customers with the requirements of different carriers".

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